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Tips To Build A Loving Relationship With Your Daughter

A mother and a daughter’s relationship is the best in the world. From sharing makeup tips to asking for advice to laughing in madness, this relationship is the purest and the most special one. Having a great relationship with your daughter not only shapes her personality but she considers you a friend rather than dominating parents. Having unnecessary discipline guidelines for your child can ruin a budding relationship. The secret to a loving and close relationship with your daughter is right here -

Put your love into action

Love in action means creating moments to make your child feel happy and special. You don’t always need force your daughter to think like you. She is a different personality, her choices will also be different. Always try to connect with her by seeing things from her point of view rather than imposing your thoughts on her. Love doesn’t always need to be silent. Sometimes you need to make that love make your child on cloud eleven or even twelve.


Interaction is the recipe for great relationship

The biggest reason why a relationship suffers a brutal death is the communication gap. If you are living in a house made of walls without emotion then you don’t need people around yourself, the bricks and cement will serve you the same. If you want to build a great relationship with your daughter then try to understand her. Have a pleasant conversation, know about her daily hardships and inspire her to lead her life in the right direction.

Encourage, encourage, encourage

Think of your daughter as a plant who is directed by nature to grow and blossom. If you see the plant’s leaves are drying, you consider if maybe it needs more water and light. The same goes for your child. A word of encouragement can do wonders to lay a strong foundation for your relationship. Even when she makes a mistake you don’t need to criticize her and yell at her. Avoid such clashes and pay the way for beautiful, happy relationship.

Don’t take it personally

As your daughter develops she goes through new changes each new day. One day she might be icy cool and the next day she might be yelling and banging the door. What’s the most important thing to remember? Don’t take it personally! When you take things personally you create new wounds each new day and you feel hurt every time. Take a deep breath and let the hurt go. Don’t let your daughter act disrespectfully, you act out of love.

Your daughter is always in need of your emotional availability more than your physical presence. Moms who have a close relationship with their daughter often find it easy to drop everything else if their teen signals a desire to talk. Why make them look elsewhere when they need. Don’t be the protective shell of their life, be their strength and inspiration.

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