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Tips To Boost Your Child's Immunity And Keep Them Healthy

Babies usually are vulnerable to infections and diseases as their immune system has not developed properly. It becomes necessary for parents to take care of their dietary habits and health till they have grown up. But not everyone has gone through a medical course and are many many people are unaware of what to do and what not to.

But don’t worry anymore. We have you covered. In this article, we will share a few tips to boost your child’s immunity and keep them healthy. That way they will be less prone to diseases and will be fit and active all day long.

Citrus Fruits and Nuts

There are many citrus fruits containing vitamin C which is necessary for developing a good immune system in the body. Encourage your child to eat these fruits and some nuts very regularly as it will help them be healthy.

Other fruits like Papaya and Banana are also very beneficial.



Ginger, Garlic, and Cloves

Try to add these spices in adequate quantity in the dishes you make for your child. They have the power to protect your child from many common infections like cold and cough.

Use Jaggery instead of Sugar

Jaggery beats a cough and is a better natural source of saccharides in your child’s body. Eat jaggery is not harmful as compared to the sugar available in the market.

Give them ChyawanPrash regularly

If your child is fine with it, give them regular dose chyawanprash. This one natural mixture contains numerous herbs and natural ingredients that are proven long long ago to be very effective to enhance the body’s ability to fight against germs and remain healthy. They become necessary during winter seasons when the chances of spreading infections are at peak.

Eat Curd

The curd is a natural source to support the healthy probiotic bacterias that are sustaining in our tummies. These bacterias are very beneficial for the digestion and proper functioning of the digestive system.

Use good Antigerm bathing soaps

Never compromise on bathing and cleaning products. Try to go as natural with them as possible. They are the agents that remove the infectious bacterias from our skin and from our home.

Encourage outdoor events

Many times, parents worry about the injuries, climate, dust and what not? All these stops your child from going outside. But it is very necessary for your child to go out and play, to cycle in nature, to befriend trees, to swim and to enjoy nature. These activities make them sweat, it challenges them to work out more and that’s very necessary for the kids to be fit and healthy.


Milk contains many necessary proteins which are necessary for the proper growth of child’s body. There are research papers which predicts that if we stop consuming mile, our body gets rid of the enzymes necessary for its digestion.

Your child’s health and immunity is a matter of what he or she eats, what exercise and recreational activity they do. It is highly influenced by the environment they spend most of their time in. So, be aware of all things around your baby and help them lead a healthy and wonderful life. 


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