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Tips On Dealing With Unnecessary Advice On Parenting Like A Boss

Nobody can know what is best for a child more than his/her parents. With a child around, one is bound to encounter two sets of people. Some people have very encouraging and positive words for the new parents. However, the problem arises when you come across people and so-called well-wishers who are 24X7 ready with their unnecessary parenting advice. From the choice of baby foods to baby clothes, they will try to find flaws in everything that you do for the baby. While genuine parenting tips are always appreciated and welcomed, the unsolicited advice can be quite a letdown. Here are a few valuable tips to deal with unwanted parenting advice like a true champion. 

- When it comes to baby foods and diet, you will be astounded with the plethora of advice that comes your way every day. The situation gets a little trickier for those putting up in a joint family. While the advice may be out of a genuine concern for the baby, doing this every day can leave the new mother anxious and agitated.

Solution: Losing your cool will only worsen the situation further. The best way to deal with the situation is to remain calm and make them understand that being the mother, you also care for the baby. Listen to all, appreciate their concern, but do what you know is right for the baby. When it comes to choosing the baby food, it always makes more sense to consult a pediatrician and feed the baby accordingly.

- Many people have this annoying habit of commenting on the weight of the baby. Whether the baby is overweight or underweight, or even normal, they will leave no stone unturned to advise you on this as well.

Solution: Come up with a broad smile and tell them that the doctor feels the baby is doing perfectly well and it is only a matter of time that things will be well sorted. Thank you for your concern though!

- Some people will unnecessarily panic and fill you with negativity and stress if your child takes time to talk or walk.

Solution: First, there is no point to lose sleep over this. Consult your attending physician and discuss the matter. Not all children react identically. While some start walking within 6-8 months, others may take a year. So the next time you come across such people, explain to them that when you, your partner, and the doctors know that there is no problem with the child, and sooner or later they will start walking or talking, then they can too take a chill pill and enjoy life.

- As the child grows up, you will find people telling you how naughty you kid is, playing all the time. 

Solution: No parents would ever want to hear complaints about their child all the time. If the complaints are genuine, take necessary actions, reprimand and disciple them. However, someone advising you just because the child plays all the time is utter nonsense. Tell them very clearly that you, as a parent, want your child to enjoy his/her childhood days to the fullest, playing games is just a part of it. When the right time comes you will make sure that your child devotes quality time to their studies as well. 

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