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Tips For Long, Lustrous Hair In The Summer

Summer is upon us and that means days spent lazing around, soaking up the much-needed vitamin D, hanging out by the pool and generally figuring out how to beat the summer heat! As much as we enjoy the season of warmth, it certainly messes up our hair care routine and our tresses are the one thing that we girls value a lot. It can get quite uncomfortable and difficult to manage with the heat and some of us may even be tempted to chop off our locks. Well, worry no further because we’ve come up with a few tips for your hair care routine that will lessen your struggle and keep your hair smooth and glossy.

Cover your hair with a scarf or a hat when outside

Apart from being a fashion statement, it serves the purpose of protecting your hair from the harmful UV rays. It also retains the moisture in your hair and prevents it from getting frizzy.

Avoid washing your hair too often

Washing many times strips your hair of its moisture and makes it dry. Keep in mind to use shampoos that are gentle and have high SPF( Sun protection factor).

Take necessary care while using the pool

Whenever you visit the pool make sure that you wet your hair and apply a coat of conditioner because your hair is then less likely to absorb chlorine. Chlorine is bad for your hair as it strips it of its natural oils. Dry hair acts like a sponge in absorbing chlorine. Using shampoos infused with lemon extracts is beneficial since it is a great source of vitamin C that reduces excess oil build up.

Drying your hair


Try to go au naturel and air dry your hair. As tempting as blow-drying may be, it makes your hair more frizzy.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle does wonders for your hair. Eating healthy and exercising regularly gives your hair the bounce and shine it needs. 

Summer is a time to have fun and feel good. We hope the following tips help you have good hair days!!

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