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Tips And Tricks For A Stress-Free Life

Stress is something that is experienced by everyone - young, old, married, single, with kids, or without. Factors that cause stress are present everywhere, mostly because a lot of them are external factors that you have no control over. Now while you may not be able to influence these factors to make them go away, there are certain things that you can to do reduce the effect they have on you. Reducing internal stress factors can help you live a stress-free less-stress life.


People keep saying that sleep is important. On the other hand, there are those people who sleep for 3-4 hours every night. Until people realise how important sleep is, there isn’t enough emphasis that can be put on it. If you want to reduce the stress in your life, getting the optimum amount of sleep is a one-way ticket to cutting down your stress levels by at least half. Sleep is required because it helps your body regain energy and repair itself from all the work of the previous day. It gives you enough energy to take on the next day. Without sleep, people are crabby and create more tension in their lives due to the way they treat people as a result of the crabbiness or fail at succeeding in certain tasks due to the tiredness.

Avoid Triggers:

Identifying the things that trigger your stress, whether it be certain behaviours of your kids or husband or wife or boss, is the first step to reducing stress. Once you identify these triggers you can make an action plan to avoid these triggers, should they arise. This helps you get away from the situations which may cause you unnecessary or unwarranted stress.

Time It:

Scheduling and time management is extremely important if you are serious about reducing the stress in your life. A lot of the stress we face is caused due to the fact that we have a lot of things to do but not enough time to do it. The truth of the matter is that we would be able to finish all the tasks that we need to finish if only we managed our time better. Make a time-table for yourself with time to spend at home, time to spend at work, time to spend with your parents, kids, and spouse. Make a to-do list and arrange it in order of urgency or importance and allot a specific time to finish all these tasks.


As ineffective as it may be to tell someone to relax, it’s something that must be done. If you feel stressed out, do something that relaxes you - go for a run or listen to some soothing music or vent out your energy by doing something you love doing like baking or drawing or exercising. Whatever works for you. Once you feel relaxed, you can get back to whatever work it is that you have to do and you’ll be able to do it with a cool mind. Taking care of kids and running a household can get pretty stressful, so you may find some comfort in these relaxation techniques.

Positive Thinking:

While many people believe that it doesn’t work, many others have tried it and stand by it. Positive thinking can be a great way of dealing with stress if done sincerely. Instead of putting yourself down, tell yourself that you can do it. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a situation, focus on the silver linings and focus on your abilities which can help you deal with the situation. Tell yourself you can do it until you believe it and that can make a huge difference in stress levels because a lot of stress occurs due to our perceptions of our ability to deal with some demand or task.


Focus on the task at hand and on nothing else. Focus on what you need to be doing rather than on what others think or what could go wrong. Focusing all your energy on what you need to be doing rather than wasting it on procrastination and negative thoughts can really help manage your time and efforts effectively.

Be Grateful:

Be grateful for the things you have in your life. The people and resources and time you’ve been given are the things that help you get through life. Many people have said that keeping a gratitude journal and just being aware of all the things they have been grateful for has really helped them achieve a more positive outlook on life and therefore helped reduce stress.

Stress is something that is subjective to every individual. The things that stress you out may not be the same things that stress your husband out or that stress your mom out. How you can effectively deal with stress ultimately depends on what works for you as a person. However, there are different ways of dealing with stress and you will find a way that works for you. Keep trying different strategies and approaches till you find the one that works for you.

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