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Tinystep Reviews: The Best Women's Care Hospital In Bangalore

As a woman, you may think the only time you need specialised health care is during pregnancy and delivery, but the truth is, women’s healthcare begins from adolescence, and goes on to menopause. Your body has specific needs and needs the right care. So, we set out to find the perfect hospital for your needs at different stages.

We visited Fortis La Femme Hospital in Richmond Town, Bangalore, and were impressed with the variety of services and facilities they offer. Here’s why you should also give it a look:


Parenting starts from the day you, as a couple, start planning to expand your family. This is where Fortis La Femme sets itself apart. The experts support and guide you the moment you start planning your baby. On our tour of the hospital, we saw the inpatient rooms and state of the art labour delivery rooms. We also saw the Tertiary (Level 3) Neonatal ICU and Medical ICU (NICU and MICU), which ensure high standards for high risk and emergency care, equipped with the latest technology.

While in the reception, I took a look at their expansive doctor directory, and was blown away by the experience of the OB-GYNs, who are trained to handle high-risk pregnancies. Since 2004, Fortis La Femme has carried out more than 15,000 deliveries in Delhi and Bangalore. What really sets them apart is the transparency in pricing, with all-inclusive fixed price packages and no hidden costs. In fact, they charge the same price for delivery, whether you undergo normal, C-Section or an instrumental delivery.

La Femme also offers you different types of inpatient rooms - multi-bed rooms, twin bed rooms, single and deluxe rooms, suites and a luxurious presidential suite. Irrespective of the room you choose, all rooms are luxurious and comfortable. You feel pampered from the moment you arrive at the hospital.

For Your Little One’s Best Health

A. Neonatal Care

When it comes to your baby’s health, La Femme has a team of neonatologists and a Tertiary care Level 3 NICU - the most advanced neonatal care. We were taken aback by their advanced facilities and the highly qualified neonatal care team, who work hard to keep the little ones healthy. The team at Fortis La Femme has treated over 5,500 babies in the NICU, saving critically ill, premature and low birth weight babies!

B. Human Milk Bank

La Femme also has an on-site human milk bank called Amaara, an initiative with the Breast Milk Foundation, providing donors’ breast milk to sick or premature babies whose mothers are unable to lactate. This milk bank is open to all babies, and not just the ones born at La Femme.

C. Pediatric Care

Moreover, the Department of Pediatrics provides high quality care for all aspects of child health including general pediatrics, pediatric surgery and intensive care. La Femme is equipped with a Pediatric ICU (PICU) and a very experienced team of specialists to cater to all pediatric emergencies for children of ages 1 month to 18 years.

Pampering During Your Pregnancy

One of the coolest features of maternity care at the hospital is the department called ‘Mamma Mia’ and the services they offer!

The department offers childbirth and parenting workshops, labour support sessions, lactation classes, and prenatal fitness and yoga, along with postnatal fitness classes if you’re a new mom wanting to get back in shape.

Mamma Mia offers rejuvenating prenatal and postnatal massages. And so that you can lay on your stomach and enjoy a back massage during your pregnancy, the massage bed is designed to accommodate your bump! All the oils and techniques used are designed by well-trained experts and have many benefits for prenatal health.

Women’s Care At All Ages

Women’s health begins much before pregnancy. Right from adolescence, you have specific health needs. La Femme, through their #PriorityHealth clinics for adolescence, menopause and breast cancer, helps women address health concerns at every age.

The clinics aim to use an overall approach to these health concerns, and offers you multi-disciplinary consultations with clinicians, dietitians, surgeons, psychologists and counselors, who can support your needs and help you stay in good health at every stage.

We were shown state of the art modular operation theaters, equipped to handle complex and high-risk gynecological and general surgeries for women. Overall, we were happy to note that La Femme is not just a maternity center, but a complete hospital for women and children.

Preventive Health Checkups

For the entire family and not just women, Fortis La Femme also offers comprehensive health checkup packages to meet the health needs of all age groups. They conduct blood tests, diabetes screenings, hormone tests, and scanning which includes X-rays, ultrasounds, Bone Densitometry, and Mammography. The packages also include consultations with nutritionists, dentists, physicians and physiotherapists!

Our experience at Fortis La Femme was one of a kind! The staff was warm and welcoming, and the doctor directory was highly impressive! The hospital also offers pediatric care, IVF services, General and Minimal Access Gynecology surgery, Urology, Cosmetology and Plastic surgery, and 24X7 emergency and ambulance services.

There are very few hospitals of this kind in the country, and it is probably the only hospital of this kind in the city! So if you’re a woman in Bangalore, you now know which hospital to choose for the best health at every stage of your journey!

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Alternatively, you can contact them at  08067454444 or 8884481414.

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