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Tinystep Reviews: The Best Preschool In Aundh

Is your little one growing up really fast?

Are you planning to introduce your precious one to the preschool environment?

Well, the importance of early childhood education for your little one is, no doubt, really important! The sooner you introduce your child to the basic steps of education, the more confident you can be of raising a well-grounded individual. After all, early experiences lay the foundation for a brighter future.

However, finding the best preschool for your little one is quite difficult these days. And more importantly, ensuring the safety of your little one at preschool is also a concern for every parent, right? If you live in Aundh, Pune, we have found the best pre-school for you in Aundh itself that offers both, preschool activities and exceptional daycare facilities.

You can now set all your worries aside thanks to KLAY - the best preschool and day care in Aundh. KLAY is one of the best preschools in Pune and India.

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Getting Acquainted With KLAY

What Makes KLAY The Best Preschool In Aundh, Pune?

Getting Acquainted With KLAY

If you, like most moms, are unsure about where to send your little one for day care and pre school, KLAY might be the best solution.

To make your task easier, we have gathered all the information about KLAY preschools that you need to know. Starting from its world-class facilities and curriculum to the safety standards introduced for your little ones’ welfare, read on to find out more about KLAY.

Being one of the largest preschool chains, KLAY has established itself as an expert in early education and childcare. This Award-Winning preschool offers early years education, daycare facilities, and after-school services to children in varied age groups. They are a multi-platform educational services organization that has successfully managed to create its own preschool and daycare niche in the country. Each and every day KLAY centres strive to improve their facilities and amenities so that parents like you can be at ease after sending your precious little ones to school, and your kids can be healthy and joyful as ever.

What Makes KLAY The Best Preschool In Aundh, Pune?

The name ‘KLAY’ is derived from clay. This preschool believes that children in their growing years resemble the natural element and they can be moulded into any desired shapes and forms. This is why the organization goes out of its way to ensure that the minds of the kids in their formative years are shaped right.

With the best daycare in Aundh, you will be assured that your child’s education and safety is in the right hands.

To understand what makes KLAY the best preschool and daycare in Aundh, Pune, please give a good read to the features this preschool offers to its students as well as the parents:

1. Safer Than Home Ambience

It is the unsaid motto of this preschool to give complete safety and protection to your little one! All the halls, playgrounds and rooms in the daycare are stuffed with soft padding to protect your child from getting injured. But, they also understand that kids can be naughty and mischevious at times and so, the staff is always looking out for your kid.

The entire staff employed in this early years learning preschool anddaycaree is professionally trained in childcare, first aid and fire safety.

In case a kid lands up in trouble, a nurse is available to tend to his/her injuries and make them feel better.

Over the past years, an alarming number of cases about child abuse have come to light. It is the belief of every organizational employee of KLAY preschools and daycare that the best way to tackle this problem is to create awareness. The teachers help kids understand the difference between good touch and bad touch. With time, apart from multiple intelligence senses, your child will also acquire essential knowledge about confiding in teachers and parents if any unfortunate event happens with them.

The one common feedback that KLAY preschool and day care parents have is that now they can focus more on their work because their child is safe and sound in the learning and fun environment of KLAY. It really does reduce all that unnecessary tension of getting a babysitter.

2. Top Notch Hygiene Standards At The Daycare

Proper hygiene is the key when you are sending your kid anywhere and especially when it’s a preschool. Right from the time your kid arrives at the best daycare in Aundh till the time you come to take them back with you, utmost hygiene is maintained and the usage of hand sanitizer is a constant. In case the children dirty themselves, the staff will clean them gently and with care.

The next most important thing for any daycare is food. KLAY daycare knows that parents are always worried about the type of food their child is having and so, they have done something amazing. All KLAY daycares including the daycare at Aundh has an in-house kitchen which cooks fresh meals which are stuffed with nutritional goodness, just like you would want. Strict adherence to cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the Kitchen. The food is cooked with the best and fresh ingredients while maintaining proper standards.

Given the level of standards maintained in the kitchen and everywhere else at KLAY, we can safely say that KLAY preschool and daycare is indeed the best daycare and preschool in Aundh, Pune.

3. Children are happy and encouraged to adopt healthy habits at KLAY preschool and day care

These days, children are intensely attracted towards screens and most accurately towards mobiles, laptops, and tabs. Well, KLAY preschool understands that this creates a bad influence on your little toddlers and hence strives to give them unique learning experiences with the help of various aids, inquiry-based learning, and experimental learning.

Since they would spend the whole day in the daycare along with kids of similar age, they would gain social and interpersonal skills.

The sessions are also made fun and engaging with the aid of yoga, dancing, singing, and your kid would be joyous all the time.

One such testimonial from a happy parent states how their kid wants to be in school even during the weekends!

If your child gets enrolled in the best daycare in Aundh they would acquire the healthiest habits of eating and sleeping by themselves without your intervention.

4. KLAY Preschool And Daycare Is All About Maintaining Transparency

For the parents deciding that KLAY would be the best preschool and daycare to offer early childhood education, it would be a real stress-free and perfect decision. What’s more? You will be provided with CCTV streaming and you can keep a check on your kids the whole time even while being at work. So anytime you start missing that cute little smile, just log in to your account and see your child having the most amazing experience.

There is a special KLAY app which allows you to keep a tab on your child’s day-to-day activities as you will be sent daily reports about their preschool activities.


As you can see there is no dearth of reasons to choose KLAY for early childhood education. Definitely one of the best preschool and day care in Aundh, Pune, KLAY is the best you can offer to your dearest little one.

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