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Tinystep Reviews: The Best Coding Courses for Kids

We get it. Lockdowns have proven to be very harsh on all of us, especially kids because they cannot play with their friends or go to school. But a pandemic can’t stop your kids from learning.

It has been inspiring to see kids using this opportunity to develop new skills- some becoming lil MasterChefs by taking over the kitchen and learning how to cook while others are unleashing their inner Mozart and Van Gogh by learning an instrument or creating art.

But then many other kids aspire to be like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. Not just because they have rockets and own successful businesses, but because they learned to code at the tender age of 6 and 8!

To feed their curiosity at a younger stage, there are several coding courses available online right now to help children kick-start their journey into coding.

Even the latest developments in the National Education Policy 2020 promote children from class 6 onwards to learn coding in their schools as a part of the 21st Century skills! This is a monumental step in promoting children to learn how to code from a school level to make them tech-savvy and prepare them for the digital age.

At Tinystep, we believe that children deserve the best so they always put their best foot forth, and for that, we have done our research and brought to you the ‘Best Coding Courses For Your Kids’:

Avishkaar Coding Courses

Avishkaar is the category leader in robotics and coding for children. The expert designed coding courses available here are not just child friendly but easy on your pockets too. If you want to help your child to learn to code while building new things and without spending too much, then this is the option to go for. Live online coding courses start from as low as Rs 1500. In addition, they have the option to enable hands-on learning of coding through robotics which is always preferable to pure screen-based learning.

Avishkaar provides Robotics Kit along with the courses to help kids learn to code more effectively. So, your child can learn to code while building their own robot. How cool is that!. This is one of the many other things that make Avishkaar stand out from the rest.

You can start from ages 6 and up to learn to code at Avishkaar. They have live classes by experts in the industry. Children will love these sessions even more since they can also engage with their peers to learn more during these interactive online classes.


Toppr offers live classes for children from grade 1 to the 12th. Here they teach kids to design video games, mobile apps, 3D animation, Websites, and lots more.

They break the courses into — Basic, Standard, and Premium. So, the cost of the sessions comes up to be around INR 700 per session for the basic class.

WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr is one of the popular sites where children can learn how to code from scratch. They provide children with live classes so that kids can learn to code from the comfort of their own homes. Their most popular course is the ‘App Developer Course’ which has 48 classes. This course costs about INR 33,999 (INR 708 per class) which is slightly more expensive.

Although they don’t provide you with kits to have a hands-on experience, the end product is a certificate and a shot at having an app on Play Store.


You must have heard of Vedantu for their live tuition classes for math and science. They have recently launched online coding classes for kids.

Designed by experts from IIT and MIT, their courses are intense yet fun. Their basic Learner coding course comprises 8 sessions and the cost per session of an hour comes up to INR 750.

Lido Learning

Even if they are the latest entrant in the fray the courses offered by Lido provide a great learning experience as they group students based on an aptitude test. So, kids can have personalized sessions based on their achievement levels.

They also have performance trackers that can be monitored by parents as it shows students their strengths and weaknesses across the course to help them focus on topics that need more attention. They have a fixed teacher to student 1:6 ratio, which makes focusing on every student easier.

Lido's coding classes are available for classes 4 to 9, and it is priced at INR 12,999 for a period of three months.

Undoubtedly, coding has grown to be popular amongst children these days and it is because technology surrounds them. It naturally makes them question how things work around them. Now that we gave you the 5 Best Coding Courses For Your Kids; it is your turn to make the right choice in choosing a course ideal for your child to help them learn to code!

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