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Tinystep Picks: Best Baby Products You Should Buy In 2018

2017 was a crazy ride for all of us. Many of you became first-time moms or are on your journey towards welcoming your little one in 2018. If you’re a new mom, you know that giving birth to your child after 9 long months is actually the beginning of many more things to come. New moms often spend the first few months after pregnancy in a cloud of confusion about things to do and buy because they want nothing but the best for their little ones.

Tinystep has done all the hard work of researching for the best baby products available in the market and we present to you, top 5 baby essentials that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2018.

1. Morisons Baby Dreams High Chair

A high chair is a super essential dinner accessory to make your baby’s meal times comfortable and fun. The Morisons Baby Dreams High Chair we picked comes with a pin press fitting which is easy to fix or remove. It can also be used as a short chair because of its dual convertible height feature. It has safety belts to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable. Other features include baby footrest, adjustable tray to suit baby’s arm length and a sturdy table with an armrest. All of these thoughtful features make this high chair one of the best possible things to buy for your baby. Click here to grab one while it’s at 30% off.

2. Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are super important in maintaining healthy hygiene habits for your baby. Whether it’s cleaning your baby’s private parts after a diaper change or just to remove impurities from his arms and legs, this is one baby product that you need to carry with you everywhere. But choosing natural, preservative-free products that won’t irritate your baby’s skin is key. Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes are one such wet wipes which contain 98% water and aloe vera extract that provides extra moisture to keep your baby comfortable, happy and smiling. Get them by clicking here.

3. Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion

Your baby’s skin goes through a lot of changes and it needs to be moisturized for it to stay healthy and soft despite the environmental changes. Because of how sensitive the skin is, certain products that are brimming with chemicals tend to irritate or do more harm than good for your little one. Himalaya Herbals baby lotion is formulated from natural ingredients like olive oil and almond oil that not only keeps baby’s skin soft but also free of infections and germs. In Fact, all the products from Himalaya herbals baby range are worth giving a try. Click here to explore them all.

4. Morisons Baby Dreams Comfort Baby Carrier

Why let your baby miss out on all the fun when you can take him or her everywhere with you? With Morisons Baby Carrier you can now carry your baby when you’re on the move and also make sure your little one is comfortable while you do so. You can use it to carry your baby in 3 ways - inward facing style, forward facing style and on the back. It also comes with a special headrest and a safety buckle that allows the parents to be hands-free. Click here to buy it while it’s available at a discount of 30%. For babies that weigh less than 9 kgs, you can also go in for Morisons Baby Dreams Active Baby Carrier that comes with similar features. 

5. Morisons Baby Dreams Quick Electric Sterilizer

Sterilizing feeding bottles will get rid of the contaminants and unwanted bacteria present in them. Morisons Electric Sterilizer will efficiently sterilize the bottles by using natural steam that is devoid of any chemicals and will kill 99.9% of the harmful germs. It can hold up to 6 bottles and comes with an automatic switch-off function. Because of its slender design, it can be stored anywhere in the house and is also ideal for travelling. Buy it right here and keep your baby safe. You can also get the travel easy warmer cum sterilizer which can be used to warm the bottles, keep the bottles warm and also sterilize them. One touch bottle warmer is another favourite among moms. It is very easy to use and has a rapid heating cycle of just 10 minutes.

It's not just your baby who is in dire need of these things, mommy. There are several new mom essentials like electric breast pump and breast pads that'll make your life way easier. Grab them while they're still on sale!

Even if you do love to shop, shopping for baby essentials can be overwhelming because of the plethora of things to choose from. On top of that, the amount of stuff your baby needs can take you by surprise. So it’s important that you start shopping for your baby as early as possible and make a list of things you need to buy rather than winging it. 

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