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Time to Grow with Abbott's New Cookies & Cream Flavour of PediaSure!

This blog was originally published on Kiddiegram.

As Mom Bloggers in today’s world we’re invited to many product launches in the city – one unique launch we attended this summer was for the launch of brand new, delicious flavor from Abbott’s PediaSure, Cookies & Cream! This event saw an fabulous mix of celebs, nutrition and growth experts. Celebrity mum Lara Dutta and her talented tennis player and husband Mahesh Bhupati were the key highlight of the event – as they shared their experiences of bringing up their 6 year old daughter.

They were joined by nutritionist – Dr Indu Khosla and dietician –Dr Eileen Canday. 

Summer holidays are one of those times in the year where a child’s nutrition suffers. We as parents are partly to blame for that. Where we ensure our kids get appropriate nutrition and eat healthy all year round, we tend to allow certain junk foods and give up on their strict schedule during vacations. As Lara Dutta herself agreed, this time of the year mums are at a loss for how to inculcate healthy food options into their children’s diet. Due to her daughter, Saira’s strong taste preferences she (just like any other mum) is constantly on the lookout for tasty, nutritious and healthy snacks.

That’s why the newest PediaSure Cookies & Cream flavour is such good news for us! As Country Head at Abbott India, Amal Kelshikar pointed out that PediaSure is the No.1 brand around the world and is recommended by many pediatricians. It has been scientifically proven to improve linear growth without excess weight gain in children. And now you won't have to spend time convincing your children to finish that glass! With this new, delicious twist the kids are going to be asking for more! It’s packed with 37 vital nutrients that not only support a child’s growing needs but also assist in optimum height, weight and energy requirements.

Now that we know that just two servings a day (morning and evening) of Pediasure can go a long way in building immunity along with brain and physical development in kids, we mums can put our minds at ease once in a while, even when we see those uneaten vegetables or that untouched plate - the rejection of that healthy meal you so painstakingly prepared!

The event introduced us to Dr Indu Khosla, practicing pediatrician at Cloudnine Hospital. She was quick to point out that she’s often flooded with parents who seek advice from her on a balanced diet for their kids. A child’s diet should have the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in her opinion. Dr Eileen Canday, head of nutrition and dietetic department at Sir H.N Reliance Foundation hospital, suggested that along with a variety of foods to ensure a balanced diet, some children need an oral nutritional supplement so that they do not miss out on overall growth at that early age.

We were also lucky enough to watch the talented Chef Kicha, a 7 year old child prodigy on Youtube, prepare an innovative version of Cookies & Cream ice cream using Pediasure! He used ingredients like cardamom powder, milk, condensed milk and powdered nuts. To watch the entire recipe refer to the link.

Recommended by nutritionists and pediatricians Abbott’s Pediasure seems to be the correct choice for your family. It is easily available nationwide at major retailers and online too! To learn more visit or PediaSureIndia page on Facebook. Don’t compromise on you children’s nutritional needs this Summer! Checkout the new Cookies & Cream flavour. You won't be disappointed! 

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