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This X-ray Will Make You Think Twice Before Giving Fruits To Your Child!

Nutrition is very important for a growing child and where else to look for other than fruits and veggies to make sure your child is healthy and fit. However, one thing that most parents ignore thinking that it is unimportant is the way these fruits are given to kids. What does it matter how you give them as long as they are consumed, right?

Well, these chilling X-ray picture says otherwise. This is an X-ray of a grape stuck in a 5-year-old's throat. The little one had to be operated on, under a general anaesthetic to extract the grape from the throat. You wouldn’t believe that this boy is actually one of the luckier ones because the grape got lodged in such a way that there was a part of the airway open for him to breathe. If this wasn’t the case, the situation would’ve turned dangerous very quickly.

By now you know that it’s not just babies that can get food stuck down their throats. Even toddlers and young children are susceptible to it. When your child is rushing off to school or the playground, don’t force food into their mouths because not all kids chew before swallowing. Especially when feeding things like grapes, baby tomatoes, cherries, jamun and so on which have the potential to get stuck in the airways, take extra care.

Always make sure the seeds are off in fruits and that your child is chewing properly, at least 10 times before swallowing it. Even fruits like grapes can be cut into smaller pieces instead of giving them whole to avoid any sorts of risks. 

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