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This Woman Lost Rs. 25,000 After Telling Her Husband Her ATM PIN!

You usually tell your spouse everything, right? After all, marriage is about trust. Not always. Certain details are best kept to yourself, and The Honourable Court would agree.

No, I’m not referring to deep secrets - I mean your ATM PIN!

A woman recently lost Rs. 25,000 and was unable to get a refund because she had given her ATM PIN to her husband, who used the card on her behalf. The case is as old as 2013, and was resolved by SBI and the court recently.

The woman in question gave her husband her card and PIN to withdraw money, but when he tried to do so, the ATM did not dispense cash. All the same, the bank balance showed the deduction of Rs. 25,000.

Sharing your ATM PIN is against rules, and you should be the only one who knows your PIN.

In normal cases, the bank would refund your balance while conducting the tally for the ATM, but in this case, the court ruled against this. The case was closed simply because the card holder was not the one in the CCTV footage of the ATM. It was her husband who used the card - after she voluntarily disclosed her PIN.

SBI stated that once you share your PIN with someone, you are held responsible, and are not eligible for the refund, and the Court agreed.

The case in question went on for over three and a half years, and it was only a few days ago that the Court ruled in favour of SBI, denying the couple a refund of Rs. 25,000. The banks you go to often warn you against disclosing your PIN. It is important to remember this. Even in your marriage, remember that your PIN should stay with you - it is not a matter of love or trust - it is simply the rule.

It is unfortunate and truly sad, what happened here, but we can all learn from it. Stay responsible.

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