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This Viral Video Of A Grandpa Reacting To A Pregnancy Announcement Is Too Precious To Miss

Pregnancy is an emotional ride not just for the parents but for their loved ones too. If you’re a mom, you must remember the strange mix of emotions you felt when you found out you were pregnant - excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, profound love and so much more that can’t be put into words.

Do you remember how you broke the news to your husband and your loved ones? Was it completely unexpected or was the news something that had been long-time coming? Every pregnancy story is different and this video of a couple telling the father’s dad that he is about to become a grandfather is one in which they managed to capture all the emotions perfectly. You can see the happiness on his face that is translated into tears.

Following the trend that couples follow nowadays of giving an item that might suggest that a baby is en-route, the couple presents the grandfather with a binky also sometimes known as a pacifier. He is confused in the beginning as to what this might mean but once he figures it out, the way he holds the pacifier close to his heart will move anybody to tears.

He will be having a granddaughter or a grandson soon and his happiness knows no bounds. This genuine reaction is so hard to find in today’s world which is filled with so many not-so-kind and loving people.

The miracle of life is no small thing and your child is not just your child, s/he’s a citizen, a grandchild, a light-bearer in a lot of people’s life. So maybe this thought will make you feel better when you are suffering from morning sickness, frequent runs to the bathroom or cramps during pregnancy :)

If you do have such videos or if you’re pregnant and haven’t broken the news to any of your loved ones, make sure to record the moment you do and please do share it with us. We rejoice in your pregnancy too! 

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