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This Summer Get Inspired With Our Little Munchkin's Fashion

Summers are approaching and it's always good to gear ourselves to make sure that our kids stay safe and still look stylish. Being stylish doesn't mean that they have to be uncomfortable in what they are wearing, actually it should be the other way round their attires should be easy breezy comfortable along with right accessories.

So, here we present a one stop solution for that perfect look for any summer occasion. Be it be a picnic or a play date, they will be ready to rock!!!

Let's check out this fun Summerish Kids Look-Book.

1) Blue and White: Look so Bright!

The first look is a classic combo of two of every body's favourite colours - Blue and White. Whether you want to take her to someone's place or just for a walk in the park she will steal all hearts. I bundled up this cottony White & Blue striped half sleeves top along with a Blue skater skirt which had a very smart White band effect at the bottom. Blue and White are universal colours and can be blended with any other bold & beautiful colour. As it's a summer look I used this Blue and White checkered cotton hat which made her cuteness overloaded & solves twin purpose - style with safety...I bet you agree!!

To add a little spark to her day look I made her wear this Silver glittery strappy sandals, just perfect for summer.

2) Spaghetti top and Jeans: Perfect for Munchkins

A breathable neutral coloured like Beige spaghetti top is such a fantastic thing to wear in summers, it gives your little one a lot of room to be free and happy. Team it up with the most loved garment in the extra points for guessing, it's none other than a pair of classic blue Jeans. As I love adding a bling to every look, I teamed it up with a very delicate golden pendant along with a thin chain. I also donned this beige straw boater hat which had a black polka dotted net lining on the top attached to a black ribbon trust me it made her look really smart. To finish this look I added a pair of Black Mary Jane T strap shoes which went really well with it.

3) White and Pink: Add a zing

White A-line dress is a must-have for all ages in this warm summer season. Mix any colour or pattern and I assure you it will look stunning!!

I used this beautiful White cotton dress which had a very pleasing Kiroshia neckline to which I added a fun twist by roping in this Pink satin ribbon through the lace and ending it with an attractive bow. To layer up more colour & fun to this look I made her wear a pair of dark Pink shoes which had a very nice light Pink bow on the top. Adding a little more fairy tale touch to my fairy I donned this light Pink floral halo on her head which made her look ohhh my God!!!

4) Shorts and Top: Reach the top

Multicoloured printed cotton shorts is another must have for all ages during summers. Prints like butterflies really suit all kids & imagine adding a bright coloured Pinkish Orangish blue cotton strappy top...looks amazing right? So, I coupled them together for this summery look and added some more fun and frolic using this light beige Cane Cane boater hat accessorized with a big light Blue bow and some flowers on it's top.

In the end, I teamed up these Light Purple zip up boots (I agree not summerish but very very stylish) accented with Pink & Purple flowers at its sides.

I truly believe that if your child is dressed nicely makes them stand out and builds their confidence. Adding such lovely accessories with their attires surely make them look trendy and "Out of the box".

I will soon be coming with some more fun & trendy lookbooks very soon.

Leave your kind comments below and do visit for more. is a dreamy platform, which will invent, inform and inspire all the mothers (and fathers too!) about new fashionable lookbooks & fun pairings, Delightful DIYs and much more.

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