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This Stunning Video Shows How Your Organs Shift During Pregnancy

As you nurture and protect your baby in your womb, it’s not just your baby that’s developing and changing. Your body goes through several changes too and not all of them are visual. What you see is your belly growing, stretch marks all over your skin, glowing skin and swollen feet. But what’s happening inside you? How are your organs moving around to accommodate your little one?

Watch this unbelievable video that shows how your body changes during pregnancy as your organs shift and make space.

This video is a courtesy of Museum of science and industry, Chicago. You can actually see an interactive slider of pregnancy if you browse through their website.

A mother’s organs are put under incredible pressure in the process of creating the miracle of life. As organs are squished together, you’ll realize why pregnant women experience indigestion, heartburn and bladder problems. Imagine someone constantly pushing your bladder, this explains why you have the infuriating need to pee every 10 minutes.

As weeks becomes months and the due date is near, every little organ of the mother is under tremendous strain, you can even see how long it takes for a woman’s body to go back to its normal state after giving birth.

Pregnancy is no less of an extraordinary feat and it is no wonder that even after so many centuries, people are still amazed by how our bodies can actually create life. Truly incredible! 

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