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This Nurse Delivered a Baby on The Road!

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When you are in your last months, you know that you are in the most sensitive periods of your pregnancy. At this time you not only have to be ready with all the things necessary, but also make sure you are healthy enough for your baby’s arrival in the world. In all of that worry to provide the best for their little one, read how a couple had their baby delivered on the road with the help of a nurse.

The last lap

It is now the last months of your pregnancy. There is a whole lot of anxiety and a whole lot preparation. There is also a whole lot of pain and rest needed for that pain. Sleep and hydration are one of the top most things pregnant women need to keep a good track of. Further, exercise and diet has to be strictly managed as you now have your baby’s well being to think about as well. What is your little going to wear? Is the nursery safe and clean for the baby? Oh, let us not forget the right and enough amounts of food for the newborn.

Photo is for representation purpose only

Have you asked all the right questions to the doctor? Is the delivery bag ready? Is that a labour pain?! In other words, it is a very exciting period. Even more special is the time of picturing what and where your baby will be walking, crawling or playing. When you have reached the hospital and the pains have gone up a very big level - you just feel like screaming your heart out. There is the stress of getting everything right and getting all the right medications. In the end, the sweet cry of your newborn is most important next to any of the struggles you have gone through.

A unique arrival

A couple, Miss Samjana Rai and Mr. B.B Barailey - on the 29th of May - had their baby delivered at 2:30 p.m.

On route to the STNM hospital, the mommy-to-be experienced a sharp labour pain. Mr. Barailey had to make sure that his wife is comfortable instead near Bhujel Bhawan Govt Quarter at Syari in Gangtok, Sikkim.

Courtesy: Facebook

Luckily, a Central Referral Hospital (Sikkim Manipal Hospital) nurse Miss Ranjeeta Ghataney was nearby to help out with the delivery. The nurse performed the procedure with whatever tools that were available with her. After stabilizing the situation first, the mother and baby were hospitalised to ensure everything is alright. Recently, the mother and baby were both discharged with a clean bill of health. 

The Voice of Sikkim article also mentions that the onlookers who were standing around the couple and nurse just seemed to watch on without assisting in any way. Want to watch what the brave nurse had to say about the incident? You can do that here.

Do you have a special delivery story to share? Comment and share to talk about all the unique was babies enter the world! 

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