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This Is Why Men Cheat On Their Wives During Pregnancy

Men cheating on their pregnant wives isn’t a new thing. In fact, 1 in 10 husbands cheats on their wives especially when they’re pregnant. Many studies have shown that it has a major impact on the health of the growing fetus too.

It is devastating for a woman when she finds out what her husband was really up to all these months. Be it sexual frustration or people falling out of love, honesty, and loyalty is what is expected out of every man especially when his wife is pregnant.

There are basically 3 types of men who are likely to cheat on men. So, let’s take a look at the categorization and see how likely they are to cheat on you:

-Type X (Needy)

-Type Y ( Loving)

-Type Z (decreased sex drive)

Research and plenty of studies state that men are most likely to cheat on their wives when they’re pregnant. This is because he might have not been very keen on having a baby, ambivalent feelings about pregnancy, dissatisfied with his partner or even inability of adapting to the bodily changes during pregnancy.

If he is sexually frustrated, it is probably because his wife is in her final trimester. As you know there are a dozen of bodily changes like weight, moods, appearance etc could make the woman think of herself as unattractive. So that’s why her sex drive diminishes during this time. But that’s no good reason to cheat on her!

Type Y:

On the flip side, some men are absolutely and irrevocably in love with their wives that there's a lot on their mind and cheating isn’t one of them. So what if there’s no sex, marriage, and love isn’t about just physical intimacy, isn’t it? These guys are generally the Type Y men as they care about their partner as much as they care about the growing fetus. That’s either because they are cautious and don’t want to hurt the baby inside (BTW, Sex during pregnancy isn’t going to cause a miscarriage) or they want to support their partner both physically and emotionally.

Psychologically speaking, sex helps men to stick around. Women who have had their man supporting them through their pregnancy and childbirth were more happy with their married life.

Type X:

The Type X dads are highly needy. The only hormone they’re raging is testosterone. Woman!!!  If he’s not being concerned about your morning sickness and not sharing the toilet with you, then it’s a clear cut sign of him being a cheater. He seems just like another political figure caught up in a vicious cycle of money and sex. There’s no sign of paternity and honesty.

Type Z:

The Type Z dads are the ones with decreased sex drive. These men are somewhere over the 9 months afflicted with pregnancy. They say men too can experience pregnancy, and yes these type of men actually do! They have mood swings, morning sickness, put on a ton of weight, fatigue, and nausea. They have increased levels of prolactin (a hormone which helps in bonding and displaying parental behaviors). Therefore, their testosterone levels are down and they rarely exhibit sexually aggressive behaviors.

The best part about these dads is that when the baby arrives, they will be the best fathers, they will be faithful and loyal to their partner! As new dads, they will be more responsible, tolerant, and compassionate than the other dads!

The Type Z dads are literally dad goals! 

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