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This Is What Happens When You Cry During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman as she is nurturing a precious little human inside her. Her body undergoes a lot of changes as it is preparing itself to accommodate a new life inside. Mommies-to-be end up eating and drinking a lot of things in order to nurture and nourish the little one inside their womb!

Scientifically speaking, everything a pregnant does be it eating, drinking, sleeping, and walking have an impact on the growing baby’s health. But what about experiencing different emotions like anger, sadness, crying and feeling blue? Do you think that has an impact on the baby inside the womb?

According to the US Association of Psychological Sciences study, the feelings of a pregnant woman are directly related to the child born in her womb. Your emotions protect your child's future during pregnancy. By growing up, your child will present himself to the society with the same emotions.

Today we will tell you about how your tears are going to affect your baby in the womb. Well, it all depends on the kind of a mother you are! So, below we have described some categories of different moods of a woman during her pregnancy. This will help you understand which category you’ll fall under and know the effects it will have on your baby.

1.If you are a stress-stricken mother

OK, we understand that pregnancy is not an easy task. Every mother has to go through her own stress but we recommend that, you keep calm and relax because your baby will have to face the consequences of your stress.

But even if you are unhappy and stressed during pregnancy, it will have a direct effect on your child, due to which she will grow up and be considered an irritable child.

When you go through stress during pregnancy, your body releases a stress hormone which directly affects the child born in your womb. If these hormones reach your child's system, then the child will also have to undergo stress during the developmental process.

2.If you are a sad mom

A study, published in the Health Line, shows that during pregnancy, undergoing stress is as common as undergoing stress after pregnancy. Do not take this depression lightly, it is a serious matter and do not ignore it.

Children born to a depressed mother are also susceptible to depression. By the time they reach the age of 18 years, they will be angrier and extremely moody.

3.If you are a mother who is doesn’t like being pregnant

If you are not mentally prepared on having the baby, then the matter will get worse. According to a study, it is found that the mothers who have no attachment or love to their child, their children grow up and go through many mental stresses.

4.If you are a mother who has to go through bad days during pregnancy

In those nine months of pregnancy, sometimes bad days are very common since every pregnant woman passes through these days. Do not let this trouble you. The difficulties of such a few days will not have any effect on the child who is sitting inside you.

So what to do now?

If you are a mother who feels stressed or irritated during the time of pregnancy, then not freak out by feeling miserable and sad. Try to keep yourself happy! Try to understand your problems and difficulties and ask your doctor for safety measures so that it doesn’t affect the baby.

Happy pregnancy will lead to having happier babies, so happy pregnancy mommy!

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