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This Is The Era Of Penguin Dads!! Is Your Hubby One Too?

Evolution is one of the most amazing phenomena to ever happen to mankind. Just like the way we have evolved from primates to the 21st-century modern man, our parenting style too has come a long way. Gone are the ancient days of parenting that say, “A mother is the one who has to take up all the responsibilities of raising her children.”

Penguins are famous for their cute little height and their adorable furry babies. However, what you don’t know about them, is their shared parenting style! Once the mama penguin lays the egg, her body loses all the nutrients and in order to gain it all, she has to feed in the ocean for 2 months straight! Here comes the hero- Papa penguin is so dedicated to his baby that he allows the mama to go on a feeding spree and he cautiously incubates the egg till it hatches! Since even the slightest change in the surroundings can perish the egg, he starves himself just to keep his baby safe!

Being a Penguin Dad is the New Age Parenting, in which the father is actively taking part in raising their children. The new age dads love doing everything and make spending time with kids a part of their daily routine just like work or any other thing. Just the way motherhood is an epic journey of life, fatherhood too is a life-changing experience.

We all bow down to these amazing dads for setting up such brilliant dad goals. In honour of all the penguin dads out there, Flipkart is here to salute you for being a penguin father! Here’s a short heart touching video which will definitely give you the goosebumps and a happy tear in your eyes!

Watch the video and experience the new wave of Penguin dadhood and don’t forget to tag your husband for their awesome fatherly achievements! We invite all the fathers to wear the badge of fatherhood with pride.

Why penguin dads are the best ever?

Just like the way penguin dads make a zillion efforts for the safety of their babies, our new generation dads are doing the best for their baby.

Be it watching over the baby when mommy is away, changing diapers or braiding his daughter’s hair, dads are handling it like a boss! Although one might think these things are not really their cup of tea, these amazing dads are proving everyone wrong. After all, why should moms have all the fun?

Is Your Hubby A Penguin Dad?

No man is born a penguin dad, it takes a change of mindset, perspectives and most importantly the willpower to make a difference in your child’s life. Here are a few things that penguin dads do-

1. Participating actively in babyhood

A Penguin dad is a father who is forever by the mum’s side, constantly helping her and coordinating with her for taking care of the baby. Be it learning how to change diapers and using feeding bottle or even waking up in the middle of the night to soothe his crying baby, penguin dads are making a mark in the world of parenting.

2. Doing unconventional things

Penguin fathers don’t shy away from doing all sorts of things like cooking food, cleaning the house, playing with dolls and even getting nails done, these dads are doing it all.

3. Keeping Kids and Family as a priority

Dads are always there for their little ones no matter what time it is. Even if they have to wake up late night or work from home, if they can spend more time with their child, they want to do it.

4. Being there for their child’s every little thing

Be it her best friend’s party or school’s annual day, dad makes sure that he is there helping his little one get ready and is the one crying tears of joy when his little one wins the first prize!

All these sweet little gestures make dad a Penguin dad, isn’t it? He becomes so selfless, dedicated and involved in the life of his child that he ultimately becomes the GREATEST DAD in the eyes of his kids.

After all, being a dad is truly a full-time job which every father loves and is AMAZINGLY good at.

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