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This is How You Can Take Care of Your Stitches After Delivery

Childbirth and delivery are wondrous and yet painful processes. There are a lot of things that happen when a mother is delivering her baby. And sometimes, while the child is coming out, there are chances that the skin near her vagina might end up tearing. If something like this happens then the doctors need to stitch up the mother. But these stitches are in such a place that it becomes difficult for the mother to even sit. And besides she has to take care of a little baby as well. Thus, it becomes all the more important for the mother to heal her stitches soon. And that’s where we come in. Here are some ways you can use to take care of your stitches and heal them sooner.

1. Keep them clean

The most important thing that you need to take care of is that the area around the stitches needs to be clean and there shouldn’t be any dust or anything else around it. Not cleaning the area properly might increase the chances of an infection on the wound which can be dangerous and thereby will lead to more recovery time. So, no matter what happens you need to take care of the hygiene near your wound.

2. Don’t wear tight clothes

You have just had a baby and you are still recovering from it. If you don’t wear some trendy jeans or body tight clothes then people will understand. The first and foremost priority for you needs to be healing your wound and taking care of the little one. So, just forget fashion and wear loose clothes that will not hinder your blood flow.

3. Avoid picking up heavy objects

Picking up different objects tends to put more pressure on the stitches which in turn might result in them tearing off and thereby doing more damage than good. Thus, it is important that you do not pick up any heavy objects and take enough rest to give the stitches time to heal. The more stress you will put on the stitches the longer it will take for them to heal. So, avoid putting too much stress and just let them heal.

4. Use antiseptic cream

In order to help out with the healing process, you need to use medicines. And apart from that, it is important that you put the doctor recommended antiseptic cream around and over the wound. Not only will it help keep the wound from getting septic, it will also help the wound heal faster. But, if even after using medicines you still feel that the wound is not healing then it is important that you contact your doctor immediately. 

5. Use hot water bags around the stitches to calm the muscles

It is likely that the area of the wound will hurt every now and then because the skin is stretched and the muscles are reacting to it. But, by using hot water bag around the affected area you can actually relax the muscles while also increasing the blood flow. This will help in easing out the pain and will also help in healing the wound faster.

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