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This Indian Dad Becomes Asia's Sexiest Man Alive Beating Fawad Khan

Yes, the results are out and you will be very happy to know which Indian dad was able to overtake the sensational and dashing- Fawad Khan. Before we reveal the winner to you, think about why did this dad become the sexiest man alive! Is it because of his Greek God Body or is it the way he styles his hair or his charming smile. We wonder what his secret to a great life is! Fawad Khan has a charm of his own and the genes to die for.

Too bad, he was nothing compared to this amazing Bollywood dad- Shahid Kapoor! In 2017, Shahid Kapoor won the title of - Dad Of The Year and Mr. Dependable, reported by the annual UK pool. They declared him as the sexiest man alive.

Although the previous month hadn't been very gracious for him as his movie Padmavati faced some legal issues and threats, The Padmavati actor was absolutely thrilled about the poll results.

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I am humbled by the desirable tag,” Kapoor said in an interview to Eastern Eye.


 He further added, “I believe sexy is not only to do with the physical but as much to do with the mental perspective on life. This one is for all those fans who have loved and supported me.

 The Editor and Founder of Easter Eye Asjad Nazir believes that Shahid Kapoor is a great influence as a role model for the upcoming generation.Apart from the pomp and showbiz, the actor is a wonderful husband and a devoted father. He is an incredible human being with the perfect blend of fun and serious when he needs to be. According to Asjad Nazir, the reason why Shahid is so popular among women is that of his dedication towards his family and the ability to balance his career and family together! Who knew that being dependable is the NEW SEXY!

Not just women but even young men are taking inspiration from this amazing man.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering...Fawad Khan closed in on the 6th place!

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