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This Baby Was Born Twice! - A Rare And A Remarkable Event

It sounds impossible but it is, in fact, true. A baby girl in Texas was taken out of her mother’s womb once and then placed back inside to finish her full term. This shocking procedure was done to save the baby’s life and the second time when she was born, she was healthy and happy.

Margaret Hawkins Boemer discovered that her baby had a huge tumor on her spine. She was 16 weeks pregnant then. This tumour (known as sacrococcygeal teratoma) was changing the blood flow of the fetus, which increased the risk of a heart failure.

The surgeons decided to take baby Lynlee out of her mom’s womb and operate on the tumour to save her life. But this was an extremely risky surgery. The tumour was as large as the baby (She weighed around 0.53 kgs at 23 weeks) was when the operation was performed. A huge incision was made and during the procedure, the baby’s heart virtually stopped but a heart specialist helped keep her heart beating as the tumour was removed.

Margaret was originally expecting twins, but she lost one of her babies during the second trimester. She was even advised to terminate the pregnancy but she opted to go for this risky surgery instead. If baby Lynlee’s tumour wouldn’t have been removed then it would’ve resulted in a cardiac failure.

So, doing the operation (even if the baby had only 50% chances of survival) was the only way the doctors could give her a chance at life.

Once the tumour was removed, the baby was placed back in her mother’s womb and sewed up. For the next 12 weeks, Margaret was on bed rest for the next 12 weeks and baby lynlee was then brought into the world a second time through a C-section.

When she was just 8 days old, another surgery was done on her tailbone to remove the rest of the tumour. But don’t worry, the baby is now healthy and kicking butt! 

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