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This Act of Motherly Love by a Bengaluru Policewoman Has Won Hearts

Motherly instincts are a true gift from nature. They ensure that you look after your baby - they even wake you in the middle of the night when your baby cries. They’re powerful, and no love can beat motherly instinct.

This holds true in the case of a Bengaluru policewoman named Archana. She had recently had a baby, and her motherly instincts took over when she came across another baby who had been abandoned in the bushes. She began to breastfeed the baby, and it filled the police station with joy.

The baby had been found abandoned by Electronics City police, who rushed him to a nursing home. Despite assurance that the baby was safe now, the baby’s silence worried the police, and so Archana took the baby aside and fed him. The baby’s cry following this gave everyone reassurance.

Photo: Twitter | @BlrCityPolice

The story is one that makes us sad but also helps us feel waves of emotion when we appreciate the motherly love and selflessness of the policewoman. She also received appreciation and applause on social media when the story got out.

The Bengaluru City Police’s Facebook and Twitter handles appreciated Archana for her selfless act, and the netizens of Bengaluru were also quick to react, praising her for the same.

Photo: Twitter

The baby met a cruel fate of abandonment, but this act of breastfeeding him will save his life and impact his lifelong health. We can only feel grateful for people like this policewoman, who have hearts of gold.

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