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This 2 Year Old Got A Plug Stuck In His Brain!

A toddler from Guangzhou, China fell onto a 3-pin power plug that got embedded in his brain. This tragedy was covered by the Chinese media and images surfaced showing this horrific incident. 

The story goes that little Chen Chen (real name was not provided to protect the identity of the child) was playing on his bed at around 11 pm. He lost his footing when he stepped on a plastic ball and tumbled off the bed. This led to him falling directly on the power plug that was lying on the ground. He was immediately rushed to the hospital by his parents.

The X-ray was far from pleasing to the eyes. Doctors suggested that they had to operate on the 2-year-old immediately and remove the plug before it causes further damage. After a 3 hour long procedure, the plug was successfully removed from the boy’s head.

Chen Chen was discharged from the hospital, 2 weeks after the surgery. The doctors were optimistic that this incident will not lead to any long-lasting effects but it sure was a shocker for everyone involved.

This is a perfect example of why one can never be too careful when there are kids around. It is very important to child-proof your house (Make sure there are no loose cables, no sharp edges on tables, chairs and other furniture, all the sockets are high and locked and so on ) to protect your child from any sort of danger. Who would’ve ever thought that a plug could do so much harm? 

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