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Things You Will Miss Out In Second Pregnancy

The day you found the arrival of your first little angel, would have been the happiest day in your life. The combined feeling of excitement and fear of becoming a mom for the first time cannot be expressed in words.

But the same will not be the case of your second pregnancy. Since you have already experienced the pain and the pleasure of pregnancy, the level of excitement will not be as high as the first one. This doesn't mean you don't love your second child. It's just because you will be mentally prepared at this time.

Now let us take a look at some of the differences between your first and your second pregnancy.

1) Lesser Fears:

Each and every minor thing will frighten you in your first pregnancy. You will be more concerned about your baby's health and will be cautious in each and everything you do. The type of shampoo you use, the food you eat, the way you sleep, and this list goes on and on. But during your second pregnancy, even though you will be worried about your baby's safety, you will not be so stressed about the little things.

2) Lesser Excitement:

As mentioned earlier, the level of excitement during the time of your second pregnancy will be low when compared to your first one. The news of your first baby, will not only excite you but, your family members too. Your parents will also be excited to welcome their first grandchild. The first movement of your child, the first kick, and all the first time experiences would have been a thrilling one. But the same will not be the case of your second pregnancy. The excitement level will be lower than that of the first one.

3) Getting Used to Body Changes:

During pregnancy, your body will undergo various changes. These would have panicked you during your first pregnancy. Your belly will be growing each month and you will be worried more about your body structure. But in the case of your second pregnancy, you will not be concerned about the change in your appearance.

4) Eating Habits:

Since your baby's health will be your priority during pregnancy, you would have been more careful and choosy about eating foods. You would have changed your diet, would have included more healthy foods and would have avoided junk foods. Whereas, during your second pregnancy, you will not follow these restricting diets and will be more lenient in eating habits.

5) Reading fewer Books:

During your first pregnancy, would have read books, articles, blogs, and every other thing that is related to pregnancy, parenting, and child care. But by the time of your second pregnancy, you will be aware of certain things, due to which you will not require assistance for everything. And moreover, you will also be busy taking care of your first baby, due to which you will not get enough time to read the books or blogs.

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