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Things To Keep In Mind When Your Baby Starts Crawling

Crawling is one of the most important milestones in a baby’s life. It shows that they are able to get from A to B without any assistance from mommy or daddy. Being able to move on their own makes them more self-confident, as it gives them a sense of accomplishment and power. They will be able to discover the world around them and will lead to more complex movements like standing, walking and even running.

Watching your little one as they crawl around on the floor, discovering new things is something you could do all day long - if you weren’t loaded with work, that is. But while your little bundle of happiness is exploring, there are many dangers that lurk around even inside your home. While it is an obvious rule to not leave any sharp objects lying around, there are a couple of other things to ponder about when your tiny tot learns to crawl.

1. Rugs or floor mats

Any rugs that you have in the house have to be super soft and baby-friendly. If it’s too rough, it could chafe their skin and so it is best to ensure they are soft and easy to clean. The rugs and floor mats will have to be cleaned on a regular basis as it can cause dust allergies. Also, babies have a habit of putting their hands in their mouth. Doing this after crawling will transfer germs from the rug to their mouth so make sure it is clean.

2. Floor cleaners

It is definitely important for you to keep the floor clean for the sake of your baby’s health but the kind of floor cleaner you use also matters. All chemical-based floor cleaners contain harmful chemicals like ammonia, phthalates, chlorides and phosphates which can cause serious respiratory illnesses, liver and kidney damage and even cancer.

If it is this harmful for you, then imagine the kind of effects it will have on your baby who is always on the floor, inhaling harmful fumes from the floor and putting their hands in their mouth. It is too scary to even imagine that, isn’t it? This is why you should opt for natural products like the one Tinystep has launched. Unlike other floor cleaners, we don’t hide our ingredients list - neem, vinegar and baking soda. It doesn’t contain ANY harmful chemicals whatsoever and it doesn’t leave any white marks/residue on the floor unlike a few other floor cleaners either.

No germs, no white marks, no harmful chemicals - just shiny clean and healthy floors. Interested in buying our product? Order your first bottle of Tinystep floor cleaner by clicking here .

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3. Loose nails or splinters

If there are any loose nails or splinters on your furniture, now is the best time to fix it. Flatten it out and babyproof it. Anything that your baby can crawl onto should be double checked for safety.

4. Slippery surfaces

Avoid leaving any spilt water or talcum powder on floors, tables or anywhere your baby crawls since your baby could slip and fall because of this. It is a good idea to double check the safety of surfaces that your baby can crawl onto.

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