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Things Every Woman Misses During Her Second Pregnancy

The day you find out about your pregnancy, the news of the arrival of a new member of the family must have made you feel extremely happy! Although you’ve been a mom for a while, the news of the second member must have thrilled you even more! In your first pregnancy, you experienced mixed feelings of anxiety and fear of becoming a mother for the very first time.

However, you might not feel most of these during your second pregnancy as you have already experienced the joy and pain of pregnancy. So, the level of curiosity will not be as much as it was for the first time. But hey! this does not mean that you don’t love your second child. It is just that you’re mentally prepared to face it all this time.

So let's take a look at some differences between your first and second pregnancy.

1.Less fear

Even the smallest thing in the first pregnancy must have terrified you. You are so worried and conscious about your baby's health that you do everything with extra precaution. The kind of shampoo you use, the food you eat, the way you sleep and the list goes on. But during the second pregnancy, although you will be worried about the safety of your baby, but you will not be tensed about these small things as you already know how to do it.

2.Less anxiety

During the second pregnancy, the level of anxiety will be lower than your first pregnancy. Although everybody is as excited as they were for the arrival of the new member, you will be less anxious as you just know what to do when. As in, you will be in a position to deal with anything be it your health or your baby’s health. However, your baby's first movements will just be as exciting and you will be curious to know more!

3.Adaptation to bodily changes

During your pregnancy, your body passes through various changes. In your first pregnancy, you will be afraid of it because your stomach will be growing every month.It leads to developing a complex which is not a good thing. However, during your second pregnancy, and you will be less worried about your body structure and more accepting of the changes.

4.Eating habits

Your baby's health is your priority during pregnancy, therefore, you take care of your diet and carefully select the kind of food you’re going to consume. Unlike your first pregnancy, you would have understood the need to have good food and nutrition during these special months. But, at the same time, you do not follow strict diet rules during your second pregnancy because you still can’t control your food cravings.

5.You just know it all

During your first pregnancy, you must have read a lot of books, articles and blogs related to pregnancy. You must have even had a guide to baby care book on your shelf! That’s how concerned you were about your first baby. Now that you know it all, you don’t have to rely on external sources and take extra tension. Moreover, you would get so busy while maintaining your first child, that you’ll hardly have time to read any of the informational pieces! Since having more knowledge is great, you can think of taking some time out to read up more information.

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