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These Toxins Are Causing Brain Disorder In Your Baby. Does Your House Have Them?

The brain is the most important part of the body. It is responsible for controlling the overall functioning of the body. In simple words, one can say the brain is the motherboard of the human body. When it comes to parents, the most important person in their life are their kids. During pregnancy, you can see, mothers take utmost care of their unborn baby such that they are fully developed and are healthy when they are born. Even after they are born, during the early years from 1-3, their brain starts developing. During the first year, infants are able to recognize faces, mother’s voice and her vision also develop.

In the second year, there is a dramatic change in the kid’s brain development, and his vocabulary will increase two-fold in understanding the words. His cognitive skills start developing and he gets to be aware of his intentions and emotions. After the 3rd year, their brain would have developed completely and they start understanding what they want, their motor functions are well developed. They go on their exploring hunts crawling and walking all around the house. Its so fun to watch them take their first steps isn't it? You will be almost in tears, looking at their brave feat.

The environment in which he grows up into becomes a major factor for the development of child’s brain. Even as a baby, children are exposed to different stimuli like visuals and audio, this helps them learn and adapt to their environment. They start understanding what is good for them, like what tastes sweet or sour, recognize the objects, remember them etc. Toxins present in the home can also affect the baby’s brain drastically. Exposure to lead, mercury and various toxic solvents may lead to slower development of human brain, poor memory formation, speech problems, lower IQ etc.

Even as a toddler, they start developing emotional attachment with their parents. If at all they are neglected or abused, they develop a sense of insecurity and in a=constant fear with everything happening around them. It is important for the parents to show utmost love and care for their loved ones so that they know they depend on you and develop a sense of trust with you people.

For your loved ones, during their crawling years, their house is their environment and parents try to make sure, the house is clean and secure. But there are toxins present, in the house which might affect the child’s health and growth. Some of them are:


 - This is usually found in drinking water and kids when exposed to them may lead to reduced cognitive functions.


- Also known as PERC, it is one of the main toxins used presently in spot removers and other house cleaning products. This leads to a lower score in cognitive tests and may even harm your kid’s liver and lead to cancer.

Phthalates & fluorides 

- Phthalates are found in floor cleaners, especially the ones which produce a fresh aroma after use. Parents usually have no idea of this fact but when your kids are exposed to it, leads to decrease in ADD in children and makes them anti-social with their friends and other people. Fluorides lead to a decrease in the IQ of children.

Ammonia and chlorides

 - Ammonia is a powerful inhalant used in the cleaning industry. It leads to respiratory problems and less amount of oxygen to the brain might lead to the undeveloped brain. These are found extensively on the floor cleaners and when kids play on the floor, they get affected by it. Even chlorides used in the cleaning products lead to dizziness, headache, nausea, chest pain and muscle weakness.

Chlorpyrifos and DDT (pesticides)

 - They lead to structural abnormalities of the brain and neurodevelopmental problems. These are found in pesticides and insecticides. that. They have recently been linked to Alzheimer’s disease as well.

We know! Shocking, isn’t it? Parents would be so involved in taking care of the baby and immersed in their work, they wouldn't know that the things present their home might be the reason for their kids to fall sick and especially affect the kid’s brain development. The environment that a child is exposed to at an early age has a huge influence on how their brain develops, hence it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that their children are exposed to a healthy environment and have a happy childhood.

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