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These Hilarious Sketches Depict The Reality Of Marriage

No matter how perfect of a spouse you are, marriage will find a way to surprise you every now and then. You would've dreamed of travelling around the world with your hubby but now, all you want to do is just spend some time with him and watch a movie while you relax. You might get into a fight and promise yourself that you're never going to talk to your partner again but you make them bed coffee as a peace offering - These are just a few of many things that won't be part of your ideal marriage vision but they're bound to happen.  

Taking inspiration from his life with his wife, Maya, artist Yehuda Devir came up with adorable sketches that show that marriage is nothing less of an adventure. Do let us know if you can relate to these sketches! 

Why invest in a travelling pillow when you have your husband to drool all over? 

You'd think it'd be the husband who will help out in the house using his manly hands but turns out, it's you that's doing everything. Uff, what will these men do without us, right? 

Anything that reflects is a mirror for us. But, to be honest, you find men checking out their reflections just as often as women do. 

If you don't think I'm going to whip out every scarf, blanket and sweater I've ever owned for winters, you're wrong. 

The best gift for a birthday girl is to let her sleep some more. Think about it - birthday is just a celebration of how old you're getting and nobody wants to be reminded of that. 

It's selfie time! Wife - *Sees picture* Oh, wait, what were you doing hiding behind my fabulous hair? Husband - *Bangs head against the phone repeatedly*. 

When your husband thinks that cooking a meal requires one bowl and forgets to factor in the spoons, plates, cups and so much more it takes into preparing deliciousness. (Even if it's just a cereal or Maggi) 

This is the reality of couples working out together. Did you really think you those motivational videos of wife and husband doing push-up and training with each other are true? They're just graphics. 

Everyday is valentine's day with you, honey. So, don't expect me to remember valentine's day, rose day, love day and anything else that will take up more of my brain space. 

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, everything seems good when you're in each other's arms. Especially if you're scratching that itch they can't reach. 

Click here to check out more of Yehuda's work and be amazed! 

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