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The Unexplored Door Behind Parenthood

It takes a lot of effort to raise your children, nurture them and watch them grow up to be an exceptional person. All the sacrifices you make seem worth it in the end, as you see a life that you moulded make his/her way into the world.

All of that comes at the end though, kind of like the sweet fruits after all the bitter/challenging experiences.

Every journey starts with a single step.

True to that saying, your step starts once you're pregnant. The day of your delivery marks the beginning of three major journeys for your family.

1. Your beginning of motherhood:

Motherhood never comes easy, it takes a certain period of a learning curve and a whole lot of responsibility that comes with it.

2. The growth of the new life in your family:

To take a white piece of paper and sketch it into something noteworthy takes a lot more work than people usually admit, the same applies to the little sunshine in your family. He/she has no idea about anything and it all starts with how you go about it.

3. The beginning of a fatherhood:

Fatherhood is something that is very similar to motherhood, it too has a learning curve and a whole lot of other responsibilities.

It could be said that fatherhood and motherhood the two sides of a currency called parenthood.

The above-mentioned 3 journeys are the major journeys for you. 

But, in the context, there are a lot of other journeys as well.

A new life in your family also marks a journey for all your relatives in the difference they can bring about in their upbringing. Like how grandparents get to relive a part of their experience from their time of parents to you. Similarly, it marks a journey for your close family, relatives, and friends.

It is only implied that these journeys are minor when they are compared to you. They, on the other hand, will be over the moon with the addition of a baby into their sphere.

It's surprising how a birth of a baby can ruffle so many emotions right?

The fact is indeed so, a new baby embodies all the natural elements like innocent, pureness, brightness, etc and every smile, pout, stare or any other look from him/her looks like honey, it just makes you want to kiss him all over.

All these things come naturally at the time of birth for a baby, but as hard as it might be to accept it doesn't last forever. They are bound to grow up one way or another, and the kind of influence your parenthood plays in this is so important that no matter how much the importance is emphasized, it would still be an understatement.

"Currency has the power to influence the world" Or "The currency of a parenthood has the power to influence their world, the baby"

There is a lot of pressure on your shoulders and without a doubt a lot of second guesses in making a decision affecting the life of your child.

But, these decisions are what impacts the naturalness present in your child and what kind of a person he/she will grow up to be.

So, it is definitely right to feel pressure. 

If you feel like you could have done or handled some things a lot better than you have, it's fine. They are one of the better traits of being a parent.

Always make a decision that is in the interests of your child, and you must be willing to make sacrifices for him/her because YOU ARE PARENTS NOW!    

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