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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Back-To-School Kits: A Must For Your Child


When it comes to school kits and products, nothing catches a child's attention more than fancy plastic water bottles, tiffin boxes, pencil boxes or school bags (generally the ones made of polyester). Parents also give in to their child's demands and get them the school kits of their choice. However, this pampering often proves to be a costly mistake. The plastic or polyester school products, though attractive, can trigger deleterious consequences giving rise to a plethora of health problems.

Further, it does no good to the environment either. As responsible citizens and keeping the environment and the health of our loved ones in mind, it becomes vital to explore the other healthy as well as safe alternatives. In this regard, the eco-friendly back-to-school kits and products come as a breath of fresh air. These products, as indicative of the name, are 100% eco-friendly and safe to use.

The last few years have seen a revolution with more and more designers coming up with some amazingly fashionable eco-friendly school kits/products. Some of these products are so innovative and eye-catchy, that people are indeed making the much-needed green switch. This does the environment and your kids a world of good. Some of the eco-friendly back-to-school kits that are a must for every kid include:

1. School bags

There was a time when children took pride in flaunting their cloth school bags. Unfortunately, with time, these bags have become a thing of the past. They are now being replaced by the more fashionable polyester bags. Even then, with the tireless efforts of some designers, cloth school bags are making their grand re-entry into the market! In fact, they are not only winning hearts of the children, but the adults as well. These bags have undergone some creative and irresistible make-overs. In addition to being eco-friendly, these school bags are very comfortable.

To take creativity a step further, designers are using recycled sarees and t-shirts to make eco-friendly bags. These bags come as a great alternative (in place of the regularly used plastic/polyester bags) to carry lunch boxes to school.

2. Tiffin boxes

The days of plastic tiffin boxes are over. Yes, you heard it right! The tiffin boxes made using superior quality stainless steel are taking the market by storm. The USP of these boxes lies in the fact that these are eco-friendly without compromising on the fashion content.

3. Likewise, it is also time to replace plastic water bottles with the lightweight glass or stainless steel water bottles. These are readily available in the market, both online as well as offline.

4. Replacing plastic pencil boxes with handmade customized cloth/ saree/ jute bags or pouch is also a wise option that will work wonders for your child and the environment.

In spite of all the options available, you cannot suddenly introduce your child to eco-friendly back-to-school kits. The practice needs to start right from their early days - preferably while they are in kindergarten - to help them adapt to changes better. So, without wasting any time, embrace the eco-friendly back-to-school kits and gift your child a better future with a cleaner and safer environment! 

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