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The Secret To Raising A Well-Mannered Child

Etiquettes are the social glue that strengthens the foundation of a happy life. Most parents want to teach their kids how to act, but they aren’t sure where to start. Children are like sponges, they tend to soak up everything that they see around them. Thus, it becomes very important to show and reinforce a good behavioural pattern to them. Whether it’s the temper tantrum in the school, food fight in a restaurant or the daily fight over homework, parents have a choice to light up the right way for their kids to overcome their struggle. Here’s the secret to adding virtues to the distinct little personality that he or she has:  

Know where your child begins and where you end

It’s difficult to respect another person if you don’t have an eye to look for their good qualities. Often with our kids, we get so emotionally tangled in our anxiety that we don’t know where they begin and where we end. Instead of managing your kid’s emotions it’s extremely important to manage yourself. This will help you “see” and appreciate one another in a better way. This will also light up the much-needed spark in your relationship. Breed respect for you and your kids and your kid will automatically develop respect for others.  

Correct him or her on the spot

Does your child groan when you tell him to greet his friends? Does he roll in his eyes when you refuse to buy his favourite toy? If you say yes to either of these questions, then you have a recipe for disaster cooking in your own house. What to do now? Correcting him on the spot is the best teaching tool. So, on those occasions where your youngster behaves unexpectedly or is rude, make him realize his mistake at that point and offer a reminder of the polite thing he should do next time.

Give plenty of praise

“Saying good job” when your child does something good will not only build his self-esteem but will also encourage him to showcase these qualities in the future. Children love praise, especially when it comes from their loved ones. If you respond only to your kid’s undesirable behaviour, ignoring their positive actions, then they’ll not be able to differentiate between good and bad. Appreciate them for their good choices so that they get encouraged to keep doing good things forever. We all have the hunger for love and appreciation much more than for bread.

Model right behaviour

You cannot expect your kids to somehow turn out to be models of gracious behaviour if you model rudeness at home. You need to be a good role model for your child because they learn the greatest bit from you. Take responsibility for your own behaviour before you try to correct him. Your child will learn the art of being well mannered from your example and your behaviour. You’re the first one whom your child will follow, so be a perfect example for him.

Patience is key

As a parent, you’ll have to encounter days when your child will act like a demon. Parenting is not a walk in the park, it’s a real challenge where you sometimes fail and sometimes succeed. If your child mostly behaves well but has a hot-blooded temper one day then don’t judge him wrong. We all have mood swings, try to step into his shoes and understand the sudden shift in his attitude. Sometimes, patience is the best way to mould your child’s behaviour in the right direction.

Creating polite, well-mannered children is not an uphill battle, it involves positive appreciation, teaching and lots of patience. Teach them early on how to make choices and they will model right behaviour forever. 

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