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The Safe Way to Put Babies to Sleep

The little baby of yours may spend his whole day keeping you busy and sleep in between unannounced. As a mommy dearest, it is essential to care about his sleeping habits to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You may have bought a bassinet or a comfy cot for him and he may doze off at awkward places (and shun the comfy places altogether). Hence we share a few tips for improving his sleep:

Sleep on the back:

Make sure that your little one sleeps on her back rather than her tummy (Sleeping on tummy makes your baby more susceptible to SIDS). The same goes for his sleeping on the side as it raises the chances of rolling on tummy (increasing the risk of inhalation of exhaled carbon dioxide). Similarly too much sleeping on the back may impact on his head as well. 

Unobstructed sleep area:

When the little toes seek quality nap time, ensure that the area is free of toys, soft towels and other things that may cause a choking hazard. The same goes for any kind of bedding that may cause suffocation. Keep the blanket till his shoulder and make sure that he doesn't tangle in the covers. Also, make sure that the baby sleeps in his crib and not on a sofa. If you have twins, buy two different cots to give comfortable sleep area.


Breastfeeding raises baby's immunity hence give your baby breast milk to reduce the chances of SIDS and develop a healthy baby-mama relationship. Avoid drugs, intoxicants and smoke to give a healthy start to the baby. Also, passive smoking may raise choking hazard hence, keep the room smoke free.

Stick to fitted mattresses: 

Cotton covers and fitted mattresses help achieve comfortable sleep area for your baby. This means whether it is too hot or too cold, cotton bedding is the best option. Further, a fitted mattress will help your baby from sticking in his head and reduces the chances of accidental injury. Also, avoid giving the little one a pillow till his first birthday. Since it is cold during these days, you can have a small soft blanket or even better a baby sleeping bag to keep him warm.

Add his cot to your reach: 

Indian grandmas will advise you to sleep with the baby and allow him to snuggle with you. If you are not comfortable, you may add his cot near to your bed and ensure that he is safe. If you have a separate room for the baby then baby sleep monitors can prove beneficial to keep a tab on his nocturnal needs. Remember as a mother, your maternal instincts guide you to achieve the best for the baby. If the baby has a vaccination or is clingy then keep him close to you. This will give him a sense of safety and will sleep in no-time.

Avoid direct heat: 

Never give your little person an electric blanket or place him close to a source of direct heat: blowers, heaters, sunlight, etc. This will do him more harm than good. If it is too cold for him, add a room heater at the far end of the room. The same goes for air-conditioning and other cooling stuff. Your baby cannot communicate the change in temperature and keep a close tab on him.  

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