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The reason behind Teeth grinding in Babies

The dental term for this is Bruxism and it tends to sound a little more serious than it actually is. The actual reason why children do this isn’t entirely black and white. Most doctors believe that it has its roots in something that may be stressing your child or causing them discomfort. They also believe that it may be due to the new sensation of having teeth and it could be a measure to deal with the pain of teething. Others attribute Bruxism to some sort of breathing problem or allergy your child could be facing. Bruxism starts generally around the time your little one starts growing milk teeth at around 5-6 months, and then again with the growth of their permanent teeth at 6-7 years of age. This habit persists more at night than it does in the day. 

What you can do

Parents are usually helpless when their child starts grinding their teeth. The noise might be quite distracting and even frustrating to anyone around them. The best way would be to wait for your child to outgrow this habit by themselves. The average age of the wearing off of this habit is around 6 years. Some parents resort to the usage of a pacifier. The pacifier doesn’t make your environment soundproof but the squeaking of the pacifier is less disturbing than the noise of teeth grinding.

If you’re certain that the teething is due to some dental pain your child is incurring, then you could ask your dentist to prescribe some medicines to ease their pain. However, it would be best if your child has reached an age where they can consume these medicines.

Effects of teeth grinding

There’s no drastic effect of teeth grinding. It could damage the teeth if done continuously. You could visit the dentist for regular check up’s on the status of your child’s teeth and gums. If there is a problem in the lining up of their teeth, the dentist could fit them back together. After a while, if your child complains of pain in the jaw or facial area, it could be because of Bruxism

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