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The Pros And Cons Of Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

Moms are obsessed with infant sleep. From the moment your little angel arrives you’re always asked, “How does the baby sleep”. Since it is the evolutionary norm to share proximity with your baby most moms prefer to co-sleep with their baby. Sharing bed with a cranky, kicking baby is not an easy task but it often makes the baby feel secure when close to mama. When your baby is right beside you, it becomes easier to breastfeed at night and you don’t need to get out of bed to pick your baby up for a cuddle. But co-sleeping also means that your need for sleep will not be met. Every time your baby cries in the midnight and howls for milk you would be gazing the stars open-eyed. If you still can’t decide whether to co-sleep with your baby or not let’s dive deep into its pros and cons-


Builds a close relationship with baby

Babies used to sleeping next to their moms are more emotionally attached and they sleep soundly because they know their caregiver will always return to meet their needs. It reduces the sleep deprivation of your baby as they won’t be fussing to protest being laid in the cot. It also builds a secure attachment by making the baby feel comforted and cared. And the best thing is the night time cuddles which can be a wonderful part of a mama-baby relationship.

Meet Baby's Needs Without Getting Up

Another advantage of co-sleeping is that you won’t need to get up to walk into another room to meet your baby’s needs. Your baby is right beside you and whether he needs a diaper change, milk or just a cuddle you can do it right there. You are there to take care of your baby’s needs responding to even the first cries and murmurs of your baby. You’ll be able to help him have the best sleep every day.

Touch and time together

Skin to skin contact is one of the most important factors to help your baby develop to the fullest. All babies love to be cuddled and co-sleeping increases the skin to skin contact helping your baby stabilize and develop his brain. Since the baby’s brains crave sensory stimulation this contact also helps the baby develop emotionally and socially. A single touch can create wonders for your baby.


Can disrupt their sleep pattern in later phase

Your child’s sleep habit can worsen in later life if they adapt to the habit of co-sleeping for a longer time. It not only disrupts their sleep pattern but they also feel lonely and neglected if you force them to sleep on their own. Chronic sleep problems can also arise in babies sleeping with their moms when they grow up. It can also be difficult to transition your baby to a crib later.

Challenges your intimacy with your partner

Co-sleeping forces parents to compromise on their intimacy. Having a baby in the room disturbs your active sex life and you will have to sacrifice your alone time with your partner. Over time you might also find the baby to come between your relationship which isn’t a good recipe for a happy family.

Lighter sleep for you

Having a baby right beside you can make you feel uncomfortable and you’ll always be worried about your kid’s safety. You may have a hard time falling asleep beside your baby as your baby will be fussing the whole night. If you’re thinking of getting a good night’s rest while co-sleeping then you need to rethink once again.

Co-sleeping affects everyone as it has its own plusses and minuses. In the end, it’s a family decision whether to cuddle with your baby by lying right beside him or by showering loads of love on him while he lays in the cot. Have a happy bonding time with your baby! 

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