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The Perfect Way To Provide Nutrition For A Busy Family

As a mom, I’m always concerned about taking care of my family, but I’m also extremely busy doing so. My family is involved in so many activities - from school to sports to hobby classes, or my husband’s long work days, and I’m a part of all these things because I have to ensure that they do all of these things and that their schedule runs smoothly every single day.

In the middle of all this, I used to face a dilemma when it came to making them food. I wanted to ensure that the food they took to school and work was food they enjoyed, but at the same time, I was also concerned that the food they ate on the go would give them no nutrition.

Considering the hectic lifestyles we lead today, we all need the best nutrition so that we can continue to go about our busy lives with minimal fuss while staying as healthy as possible. It might not have been easy initially, but here are some things that really worked for me.

Planning meals

Since I have very little time to cook, it helps to know beforehand what I need to cook this entire week. So I take some time out on a Sunday to plan meals for the entire upcoming week - this way I can shop for groceries at once, and I don’t have to worry each day about what to make. I’m also more likely to plan healthy meals because I get enough time to think of what to cook.

A Balanced Diet

I try to ensure that the meals contain all food groups - from cereals and grains to fruits and vegetables, to protein, healthy fats and dairy products. Make sure that you include these in some way or the other throughout the day. From vegetable curry with roti for lunch to breakfast fruit smoothies with that hidden spinach, I try to include more than one food group per meal so that there is some kind of balance.


Don’t be afraid to try new healthy recipes with new vegetables, grains or legumes every day. Variety is good, not just for your taste buds, but for your health too. It ensures that you get a variety of nutrients - from proteins and healthy fats to vitamins and minerals. I used to switch up vegetables every day, but our staple foods are the same wheat rotis every day, right? What I started doing is making rotis with multigrain flour. A variety of grains in your diet is good for you because they not only give you a good source of energy throughout the day, but also ensure you get your daily dose of fibre for digestion, and those vitamins and minerals that you might otherwise miss out on.

To ensure that my family gets their daily dose of iron and zinc, protein, fibre and B vitamins, I started using Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains. It has made meal planning and cooking with a variety a much easier task for me and while I thought of multigrain rotis as a time-consuming task before, I can safely say I find it very simple now!

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