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The Perfect Birth Month- How Does It Affect Your Baby’s Health?

One thing you have control over is the process of making a baby. But what’s not in your hands is deciding the due date(month). It is said that the birth month has an influence on an individual’s personality. We like to call it horoscope and we categorise ourselves and our qualities according to the zodiac signs. Most of us believe in horoscope because we’re really curious and hopeful about our lives in the present and the future!

What if we tell you that your child’s birth month has some influence on his health! Never heard of this before, have you? If you like reading about horoscope, then this blog will definitely blow your mind.

Here’s everything you need to know about the connection between your baby’s health and her birth month:

There is a scientific reason behind all this, you know! It was tested and observed for a long time and only then conclusions were drawn that they do have a hovering effect on the health of the child.

A study was conducted by a medical research team and they recorded that about 1,749,4000 infants born between 1900-2000 and they also recorded their birth month. They noticed that the babies born in the same month ended up suffering from the same diseases.

Out of a total of 1688 diseases, about 55 are dependent on the birth month of your baby. One interesting thing was that, the children born in May and July were healthier than the children born in October and November. The children born in the month of May and July were more resistant to the effect of diseases.

The reports said that:

-Children born in April-July are more prone to type 1 diabetes as compared to the babies born between November to February!

-Children born in the winter season may face breathing difficulties. In simple words, these babies are at a greater risk of asthma. It is believed that infants have a higher risk of infection because they suffer from respiratory diseases.

Although we don’t assure you that this ‘WILL’ happen to your child, and this is a generalized data and statistics of infant health all over the globe. Just like the way horoscopes are generalized, this one is solely made for entertainment purpose.It may or may not even happen just like the ‘accuracy’ of your horoscope readings. Any new research news helps us to know more about the world and the many things that do round on the internet. So, we would like to tell all of you to:

# Get Good Food

# Sleep Enough

# Work Out Harder

If anyone of the parents has any kind of ailments or diseases, get it tested by a doctor as soon as possible to prevent any future disease from occurring to you and your baby.

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