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The Parent-Child Bond: How It Evolves Over The Years

Parenting is a wonderful experience for both the mom and dad. While you might have responsibilities and decisions - having a bigger family after marriage is a curious excitement. Right from the anxiety of choosing the right things to experiencing your child’s ‘firsts’ - everything is so amazing that you just cannot stop feeling the joy. Read on to know how this changes over the years your little ones grow!

Little tots: infancy


As they are just babies, you feel like only giving them all the love, safety and attention. There is a need be perfect and best with everything you give or do with your baby. This could be which bottle you should use for feeding, whether you should make your child sleep in the crib or with you.

The questions to decide on also include how much and what learning you want to give your baby. Even though they might not understand everything around them, you non-verbal interaction with your baby is very essential laying down a rough groundwork. Here you make a decision whether you should inculcate early or delayed potty training. What kind of values, emotions and manners do want to model them with?

This is exactly why, infancy is also the primary period of creating an attachment. You decide and influence on how your baby will develop and grow. What you do and show your baby, it is likely that they will learn to imitate these later in a permanent manner. While it may seem like a daunting and impossible task - it is a pretty simple task for you.


If what you feel or someone else you trust knows is right, you have the perfect way to give your baby the bond of parent love they need. There is a whole lot of help that you can look for when you get stuck anywhere in this process. In fact, today, parenting from the start is seeing a lot of assistance from individuals much much more than family.

You as a parent want to make sure that other than physical care - your baby is emotionally and psychologically taken care for. It is a starting point for you to decide on how much is enough from your side as a parent. Do you want to be strict or lenient? Focused or indulgent? Pushy or laid back?

The tots are growing: childhood


Now, the protection meter rises up. With more prominent school education, your child need to be generally guided lot. This is where the previous steps of showing values, emotions and manners becomes more easier to understand for them. Moreover there is a more easier map of directions to follow by the child.

It is also time to put forth a discipline plan. Do you want to be extremely strict, lenient or somewhere in between? Finding a balance is always important for parents in any evolving stage of when their children are growing. Through this way, parents make sure that their child is able to not only make sense of the world, but also how their actions will affect everyone including themselves.

Teenyboppers: adolescence


Your child is now an independent dependent. They are at a point of like where they are confused, have hormonal emotions, want to experimentat, take risks and be in conflict generally. It is a natural bodily change they go through at this point of their life.

Parenting can be become a little shaky if you are unsupportive towards your child. They are going to make a lot of mistakes and important decisions slowly now. This could be regarding their identity, likes, dislikes, favourite food, wanting a new car or what extracurricular activities they should engage in. You as parents might be most supportive if you let them make these mistakes or decisions - while standing right by them regardless of the results.

The grown up phase: young adulthood


As your children are growing now, both you and your child are learning from each other. Even when you might be disagreeing with some things like their careers and responsibilities - your supportive role has also become of one that learns to accept their choices in life. While they are continuing to negotiate their identity, gaining independence and falling in love - you feel like you must intervene and protect them always.

Parenting feels like it should continue to protect even as your child is an adult. You see this as a time that equally requires your guidance and attention. Even then, the balance is what you hope to create helping them when you feel they really need the help. There are no worries regarding this at all - your parenting instincts will let you know immediately!

Growing older

Parents will never stop caring and contributing in their child’s life. As there are some serious conversations about life and responsibilities - parents and children are as close as they are right from when the children were babies. On one hand, parents are never going to give up protecting and guiding. Yet, on the other hand - their love never lessens even as the baby days are way in the past! 

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What is your relationship with your little ones ladies? Do you have any of own parent bonds of the past to share? Comment and share! 

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