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The Only Routine For a Flat Tummy


Exercising everyday can be a hard task. Especially when it involves time consuming exercises such as intense cardio or running on the treadmill. Though these might seem like the only ways to achieve a flat tummy, there do exist some exercises that can help you. Here is the only exercise routine you need for a flat tummy.

1. Pike and Extend


Lie down on a mat with your head facing the ceiling. Then move into a position wherein you extend your legs over the hips and your arms over your head. Now, crunch up and try bringing your feet and hands together. The second part involves you to keep your legs straight with your hands back over your head and stretch one leg down to the floor. Then crunch up bringing your hands to the leg up straight. Complete 20 reps, alternating between legs.

2. Standing Side Crunch

standing crunch

Stand on your left leg with your left hand extended out at shoulder level. Then bring up your right knee and place your right palm on the back of your head. Bring together your knee and elbow. Complete 15 reps for each side.

3. Chest Flys with Leg Extension

chest flys

Lie on a mat facing the ceiling and hold dumbbells in both hands. Have one leg stretched out and another folded at a 90 degree angle. Every Time you bring your leg to a 90 degree, hold out the dumbbells to your sides while also lowering it. Complete 10 reps for each leg.

4. Knee-up overhead press


Sit on a mat with your knees bent slightly, hold dumbbells on both hands at shoulder level. Now, bend back a little and raise your feet of the ground. Simultaneously, hold up the dumbbells over your head. Hold for 2 to 3 counts and complete 15 reps.

5. Lunge Twist


Stand straight on a mat, lunge down with your left leg at 90 degrees and your right hand reaching to your feet. At the same time, bring your left palm in a form of a fist to your chest. Complete 15 reps for each leg.

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