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The One Floor Cleaner Moms Are Swearing By

Tinystep is the largest parenting and baby care community at present. We have a huge group of moms who care about their baby, their nutrition and health, and everything that surrounds their world. It is a very active community and daily lots of queries with a long followed discussions are generated.

Recently, we launched our first product, the Tinystep Floor Cleaner. Floor cleaner is one most discussed topic since then on the groups. People are realizing that ordinary floor cleaners are full of toxic chemicals and are very dangerous to use at homes, especially when you have a small baby who has not yet developed his senses. These chemicals may inhibit his natural growth and mental development and at times they prove to be fatal.

We, at Tinystep, organize a good number of events for Parents, especially new moms, and we discuss a lot about parenting and childcare. We recently held one such meetup and among many other things, we discussed how chemicals are finding their way into our and our young one's bodies. Studies have suggested that a good amount of chemicals are already present in our homes. The toxins in forms of Ammonia, Chlorides etc have become a common constituent of air at homes. We suggested Tinystep's Natural Floor Cleaner, which was accepted by a lot of moms. This cleaner contains baking soda, vinegar, and neem extracts. All these are common kitchen ingredients. This natural product by Tinystep easily detoxifies the air at home or office or wherever it is used.

Moms were very happy and satisfied with using Tinystep Natural Floor Cleaner. The reviews suggested that we need to stock up more bottles of it soon. Many of them told us that they just love the fragrance it leaves and many reported that they saw a less frequent sickness in their child.

Swathi wrote, “I could have never felt more hygienic and natural fragrance at my home. It feels so satisfying that I am now more aware of my and my baby’s health. Plus now I can allow my baby to play happily and safely on the floor itself, and I feel proud of myself that I care for my baby like never before.”, while Adarsh U, who is a therapist commented, “It is worth each penny spent on Tinystep Natural Floor Cleaner. I feel like I am relieved of one big burden.”

"It's always better to use a natural product. I highly recommend this floor cleaner over other chemically infused cleaners," said Dr. Aarthi who is a Doctor and a proud mom.

If you want to experience the goodness of our floor cleaner, click here and get yourself a bottle. 

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