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The Mystery Behind Sridevi’s Death That Remains Unsolved

The loss of legendary actress, Sridevi, has put our nation into mourning. It is truly devastating to know that such a talented and loved actress left us way too soon. The circumstances that surround her death don’t help us either.

When it was announced by the family members that Sridevi passed away, it was said to have been because of a heart attack. But the post-mortem and the forensics team found the cause of death to be accidental drowning.

The story goes that Sridevi along with her husband, Boney Kapoor and her daughter had been to attend a family wedding in Dubai. According to the statement given by Boney Kapoor, on February 20th, the father and the daughter came back to Mumbai leaving Sridevi in Dubai. He went back to Dubai on Saturday to surprise his wife. They planned to go out for dinner and Sridevi went into the bathroom to get ready. After she didn’t come out for a long time, Boney Kapoor became suspicious. When he banged on the door, there was no reply. With the help of the hotel staff, the door was opened to find Sridevi lying unconscious in the bathtub. After rushing her to the hospital, the doctors declared that she took her last breath even before she reached the hospital.

Sridevi couldn’t be brought back to India immediately because of the various protocols that are followed in Dubai after a person’s death. Apart from the cause of death, forensics report also found traces of alcohol in Sridevi's bloodstream. Now, Sridevi wasn’t really known for drinking, in fact, she limited her intake of alcohol in any party that she attended, to just one or two glasses. So, the chances of her falling unconscious because of high alcohol intake are very low. A few more questions that pique the public interest are - Why did Boney go back to Dubai?

If Sridevi was drowned in a bathtub, why did the family members say that she suffered a cardiac arrest?

The fact that Sridevi died just a few weeks before her daughter, Jhanvi's debut movie just like Boney Kapoor first wife who died a few weeks before Arjun Kapoor's first movie seems too big of a coincidence.

There are also people who believe that Sridevi wasn’t always emotionally healthy. Coming into the showbiz as a 4-year old and acting for several years in many Indian languages put Sridevi in the spotlight. She had no time to grow at her own pace. Her marriage to Boney Kapoor who left his first wife and kids to be with Sridevi is also much speculated. Her second innings in Bollywood received much praise but also critique that did more harm than good for Sridevi. All of these combined with personal issues that she was battling could have affected her more than we were let on. So, is it possible that she decided to take matters into her own hands or was it really an accident? Only time will tell. 

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