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The Most Powerful Birth Photography: Not For The Faint-Hearted

A mother is a woman like no other. She gives life, nurtures life and teaches her child to be the best possible version of himself/herself. As they say - ‘A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take’. But the first step a woman takes towards motherhood is childbirth and childbirth is as painful as it gets.   

A mother gives flesh and blood to create another human being and if you’re a mother, you know that the experience is not only humbling but almost ethereal. It’s not something that can be described in words but a few photographers have tried their hand in depicting childbirth in the form of photos and the results are simply stunning. 

1. Baby’s first bath

Baby’s curious little face that looks up at the group of people and wonders where his mother is. You can see the delicate skin of the newborn that just landed on this crazy planet called earth.

2. Those first cries of the mother

The first cries of the baby are talked about everywhere but very few people are aware of the tears shed by the mother. You can see the relief and happiness that floods the mother’s face as she holds her baby close to her heart.

3. What a woman’s body goes through during childbirth

She’s cut, she’s probed, she goes through hell and back just to see her little one out and smiling at the new world that unfolds in front of his eyes.

4. That splash while birthing

This photo is breathtaking and perfectly timed. You can see the bodily fluid that comes out as the baby is being delivered. It doesn’t need words to describe it - the picture says it all.

5. A Non-hospital birth

No matter how much you plan out where and how your baby will be brought into the world, childbirth doesn’t always go according to the plan. You can see a woman here who went into labour in the car and even gave birth to her baby in a four-wheeler.

6. The magic of the those first few seconds

The second the mother holds the baby in her arms, all the pain she went through just seems to disappear. It was all worth it in the end, right?

7. Almost there

Blood and baby - It’s time, the mother is dilated and the baby’s head is out. With a little bit of a push, the baby will be here, moving from the comfort of the mother's womb to the mother’s arms.

8. Water birthing

The newborn with his eyes shut tight and the blue water surrounding him just signifies that he is heaven-sent for the parents. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

9. The joy of parents

There’s nothing more wonderful than a supporting partner during childbirth. The exhausted mother lies head on her husband’s shoulder seeking comfort and the baby is safe and secure amidst its parents.

10. My brother?

It’s not just the parents who look forward to the birth of their child, the older sibling is excited and anxious too. There’s a sense of possessiveness that surrounds siblings and a lifetime bond is formed. 

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