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The Most Adorable Screaming Match in Karan Johar’s House


Having a child in the house is a tiring yet fun experience. Having two children is even more of an overwhelming experience. Karan Johar took to Twitter recently to share his experience. Read on to watch the adorable screaming match that took place in Karan Johar’s house. 

Double trouble

Twins are a lovely package of terror and love. Terror because now you have to worry twice of what you would with a single child. Yet, love because now you are able to have two of the sweetest versions to be with. There is the excitement of choosing outfits, food preferences, likes, dislikes - and most importantly making sure you know which one is which twin!

Every moment is precious regardless of how many children parents have in the end. A parent is always going to want to either write or post something as a journal of all the moments they have with their children.

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Karan Johar’s tweet is the most heart melting

In an article from Zee News India, Yash and Roohi (Karan Johar’s twin son and daughter) are seen doing the most ordinary thing in the most adorable manner.

While their father is getting them ready for bedtime - the little tots start a random screaming match. The match has everybody either laughing or ‘awwing’. Watch the video below to have a permanent smile on your face due to ultra adorableness:

Screaming match!!!!!

The video was also accompanied with some of the parenting milestones that Karan Johar has passed. Wanting to always make sure his children get as much normal parenting as possible, he has recently voiced out his opinions on the matter.

As they have just turned one year old - the twin’s father is expecting them to achieve right but also follow their passion as well. From a sensitive start with the twins, Karan Johar has very well come a long way.

Do you have twins at home? Are there any screaming matches you want to share?

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