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The Magic Of Sleep In Achieving Your Weight Loss Objective

There is no shortcut to weight loss is an age-old saying but finally, the Lord has heard you. The recent studies have shown that sleep is as important as your diet and exercise in getting a well trimmed, perfect figure. Weight loss doesn’t have to mean losing the joy of eating or becoming a gymaholic. Sleeping can indeed help your reduce tons of your weight. Have you ever seen a bat becoming fat? They spend the whole night sweeping through the air, sleep the whole day but are the fittest. Take some inspiration from them and make sleep the best buddy to reduce your weight. Here are 5 reasons why getting enough sleep can turn you into the next Priyanka Chopra or Tom Hardy.

1. Less sleep means more bowls of food

Have you tried all sorts of exercises and diet plans and still find it hard to shed weight? Counter check your sleep pattern before you think you can’t nail your weight loss objective. When you don’t get adequate sleep it increases your appetite which in turn adversely affects your weight loss objective. Even when you’re following a fat-free, perfectly balanced diet eating more will not give the intended result. So the next time you become a food police cutting down your calories take care to sleep as much as your diet.

2. Sleep more to reduce craving

If you have ever found it unable to make healthy food choices and resist tempting food than lack of sleep can be an icing on the cake to increase your craving for food. A night of poor sleep and higher food craving and lack of self-control from saying no to that delicious cheesy pizza. It will not only increase your affinity for food in high calories but will also trigger your diet plan. Having proper sleep can be the perfect way to stay away from those midnight food cravings.

3. Poor sleep causes daytime fatigue

We all depend upon the gymming gateway for our weight loss plan. A month in the gym and you’ll start transforming into your favorite celeb. But do you know that having less sleep can make you tired easily during even a slight physical activity and it makes you less motivated to exercise regularly? Break the ice this year by turning the table around! Have proper sleep and get ready to make the gym your perfect calorie-burning ground.

4. Poor sleep is the number one reason for obesity

Obesity is often associated with unhealthy food habit, calorie-rich diet and lack of physical activity. But did you ever know that obesity can also result from deprivation of sleep? If you don’t take seven hours of sleep a day it not only leads to higher BMI but also increases the likelihood of weight gain in both children and adults. Lack of sleep triggers your hunger hormones and it increases your craving for food leading to a heavy curvy body which you never dreamt of. So take adequate sleep and stay away from the threat of obesity.

5. Sleeping more means higher calorie burn

Who said you can burn your calorie only by running on the treadmill and doing vigorous physical activities? Taking proper sleep helps you in burning somewhere between 50 and 100 calories an hour. If you are feeling startled then this fact will blow your mind. According to Walker, “When you dream, your brain can be as—if not more—active than when you’re awake.” So the more you sleep the closer you’ll reach to attain your weight loss objective.

You might find your weight loss plan getting successful as you read this but believe me sleeping alone will not do the magic. It’s just an ingredient and not the complete recipe. Do proper exercise, have healthy, balanced diet and sleep more to get your dream figure. Your body will thank you for it.

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