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The Madras High Court Opinion: Is Your Child Doing Too Much Homework?

Do you remember when we were given the time to play or watch TV after school? It was the most refreshing time ever. School has taught us a great deal, but all our free time to discover ourselves had helped us to develop a lot when we were children. Now, your kids should be allowed to enjoy the same.

Parenting requires a lot of expertise, while childhood should be a time of learning, fun and energy. Getting it both right is learnt only when on the job. It is important for children to have time to develop and grow as much as possible. When the two are merged through a bridge of education - a balance is very important.

There are Stages of Children’s Development

Learning is not just getting all those equations or questions right. Children can learn best when they have fun and are included in relevant play activities. Morals of right and wrong are explored - but made clear only after the child has made a fairly conscious decision.

Professionals have studied that for children in the 5-6 year old category require an average 11 hours of sleep. This is because childhood is a very sensitive time for little ones.

Thus, it is important to provide everything in the right amount and at the right time. This is especially true for younger children. Learning is important for younger kids. Yet, there should be a good amount of fun and freedom for them to develop in the best manner. The Madras High Court based their argument on this important aspect of children’s development.

The Verdict

In The Indian Express, an article recently speaks of how the Madras Court made a strong decision to ban homework for children in class I and II. Following an order issued from the Telangana and Maharashtra Governments, all NCERT books were also made mandatory.

CBSE board children as young as in class II are being given unneeded homework. As per NCERT rules, only from class III is homework allowed to be given. Even then, class III should not have work for than two hours

This is a logical and sensible decision for children to be given the best growth and learning. With reference to the needed sleeping pattern, homework will disrupt this for younger children. It does not make sense to expect younger children to already have focussed and complex thought by themselves without assistance. With it being against the rules of the education board and unjustified to children - the ban was initiated.

The court was also not impressed by the irrelevant syllabus being taught. There are many chapters taught which are not even part of the decided structure of the NCERT or CBSE. This seems to be causing unjustified pressure on little children. In fact, the court is questioning this of all all educational boards in the country.Further, a serous lighter bags policy has been placed. Bags should not weigh more than 10% of the weight of the child.

Children are the most important part of a parent’s life. They should be given things that they are first ready for. What do you think mommies? Are your little ones doing too much homework?  

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