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The Kiss Of Love Isn't So Safe For Your Baby After All

Motherhood is the most pleasant gift of God to a woman. Moms try to keep their babies as close to themselves as possible. This is probably because mothers are biologically designed to nurture their babies. 

Babies enter the world with this power that compels people around to love them. Since they’re small, they are totally dependent on their primary caregivers for everything.

Babies experience everything for the first time in their lives including their first touch from mom and dad. This early contact helps promote healthy psychological and physical development. Lack of such contact leads to improper development, babies are so sensitive that anything they touch can result in a disease.Hence its a matter of serious concern. Healthy, effective contact with your baby includes cuddling, gentle massage, stroking and holding your newborns.

Interestingly, our mouth is the dirtiest place in the body; this is because saliva contains numerous germs. Human kisses are said to be more dangerous than a dog bites as it contains hell lot of bacteria. Worldwide there are billions of kisses exchanged by people each year.

The casual peck on the cheek or the cultured kiss on the hand aren’t much of a threat but a kiss that exchanges saliva from one another is a different matter. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs or STIs) are the diseases that are typically transmitted during sexual intercourse. However, they can also spread through body fluids and from mother to newborn children.

Shockingly a child caught (HSV-1) a type of herpes virus transmitted orally when a visitor kissed her.The mother took it to Facebook to explain the fact that it is actually a serious matter of concern. She added that mommies have to be very particular about who is kissing their baby and where! You might think how could anybody’s kissing a child cause something like herpes, but hey anything is possible when it comes to toddlers.When it boils down to your child’s health things such as how weird it looks or how unethical it may sound stand nowhere.

We all have pets in our homes lately, they are part of our family.Dogs are the most common ones among them all. You might even feel he is one of the kids. Naturally, when you bring home baby, you want your dog to greet those charming chubby cheeks and tiny toes just like the rest of you do. Still, while human kisses and snuggles are appropriate, it may not be wise to let the dog indulge in baby kissing.Dogs don’t treat puppies as we humans treat babies.They carry them by their heads or necks, nip them when they misbehave and have no qualms about stepping on them, growling at them, and even snapping or pawing at them to make them behave in a pack-friendly manner.A dog should never be allowed to treat a human baby as a puppy, including licking its face and bottom, for fear the mothering could extend to dangerous behaviours.

Kids cant express themselves so it's the duty of their parents to watch out for their beloved ones. Some of them will argue that babies put worse things in their mouth all the time.But it is not just about the hygiene of the child it is more a situation of “this right is only reserved for the people who actually care for the baby” So from now on, you have to be very particular about who is kissing or touching your baby. It not only makes your baby vulnerable to common cold and fever but also to many infectious incurable diseases also.You never know what can cause harm your baby’s health.Babies are the best gift from God to humankind and it's their own duty to protect them raise them to become healthy and happy.

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