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The Horror Story Of This Child From Rajasthan Will Leave You In Shock And Anger

Children are God’s blessing and being a human we need to be smart and understand them well. Unfortunately, some people are so inhuman that they ruthlessly beat their children for anything! Chain Singh, a 31- year-old man who according to his neighbours is a regular offender and is known for beating his kids. He was caught in action while beating his children for soiling their pants.

He was seen thrashing his 5-year-old son who was hanging by a rope! The crime didn’t end there, and he even had the audacity to kick his 3-year-old-daughter. It was seen in a scary video which emerged yesterday from Rajasamand, a town in Rajasthan.The offender Chain Singh,32, was arrested last night and he was charged with attempted murder after his brother showed the video to the police.

In his defence, Chain Singh told the police that he was just “punishing” his children for soiling their pants. The siblings cry, wail and scream throughout the 1-minute video. It was also seen that he had tied his son’s hands with the rope and he was hanging from the ceiling. His 3-year-old daughter was hiding her face in fear and trying to escape the wrath of her father but she got kicked really hard and fell to the ground. Later, she was beaten up with a stick!

This horrific video was shot by Vatta Singh who happens to be Chain Singh’s brother was also arrested for shooting the video and not helping the poor children. Their mother and other siblings were allegedly just watching the horrific act and they couldn’t do much as they were afraid of their father.

Chain Singh’s neighbours have described him as a regular offender and he is infamously known for beating kids. The video went viral on social media and created a wave of massive shock, anger and tears among the others.

After watching the video, the head of the Children Welfare Committee of Rajasthan, Bhawna Paliwal, filed a case against him and within a few hours he was arrested by the police."A case was registered under relevant sections of the IPC and under sections of Juvenile Justice Act against Singh", said police officer Mangi Lal.

Beating children black and blue as a form of punishment is a criminal offence. Moreover, beating children to discipline them is not a good sign of parenting. In fact, it is inhumane to do what Chain Sing did to his children. God knows how many children get abused like this get traumatized for life! We really hope that justice is served and he gets punished for his sins and crime.

Image Credits: HT and NDTV</

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