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The Healthiest Snacks For Your Little One’s Tiny Tummy


This blog was originally written by Mehak K Mehra. Click here to see more of her work.

By now, it's an established fact that five meals a day are the healthiest way of eating. This comprises of 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

This holds true for Toddlers also. Why is snacking important even for toddlers?

Little people have little stomachs. Most toddlers don’t tend to eat a big meal in one go. Snacks come into the picture then. They help with the nutrition and energy a toddler needs, to keep going. A portion of a controlled, healthy snack is the ideal option.

Healthy choices for a snack:

1. Fresh fruit

2. Nuts & dry fruits

3. Cottage cheese

4. Eggs

But as a mother of a 2.6-year-old little girl, I know how important variety & presentation is to a child. Also, we are mostly on the go. School, classes, playdates, birthday parties. Apart from the snacks mentioned above, I also need some easy to eat options on the go.

One such snack is the Tropicana Essentials Fruits & Veggies. It’s the perfect blend of Apple, Beetroot & Carrot with Tropicana Essentials. The other variant is Tropicana Essentials Iron. Both are filled with micronutrients which fill up the nutrition gap in a child’s diet.

Both the juices are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The iron content helps in the absorption of necessary vitamins. These snacks are my go-to products, especially while travelling when I may not have easy access to other healthy snacks. Rather than munching on a pack of biscuits. A hygienic and nutrient-rich juice is my preferred choice.

The best part is that these new variants are 100% preservative-free with no added sugar. Packed in a 6 layer tetra-packaging, the juice is healthy & fresh.

So the next time, you are on a long road journey, stuck in a jam or do not have easy access to fresh snacks, please choose the Tropicana Essentials Fruits and Veggies or Iron Juice over other options.



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