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The Hazards of Lying In A Relationship

Every relationship, be it mother-son, sister-brother, father-daughter and even husband-wife require certain amounts of trust in it. And the only way to generate trust in a relationship is to stay truthful and honest.

Most of the marriages and relationships that break have this one thing in common that one of the partners lied. This not only makes it difficult to stay in the relationship with your partner but also jeopardizes your future relationships as well. You tend to stop trusting people and form judgements about them that might not even be true.

People make mistakes, it’s the nature of all humans but, lying about it is what ruins things up. If you do make a mistake, try telling it to your partner. They might get angry with you or even scold you but, in the end, they will always forgive you. On the other hand, if you lie, then they might believe you at that time but once the truth comes out, they will never be able to trust you to the same level again.

Sometimes, people also tend to tell white lies or even justify their lies by thinking it is for the benefit of the other person. Well, you might believe it to the best of your thinking but your partner might not take it that way and will slowly start believing that you lie to them and hide things from them.

These things don’t mean much in the short term but slowly they start adding up and then eventually it gets to such an extent that you are not able to stay even in the same room or you start doubting each and everything they do or say. Making relationships is easy but keeping them is where a person’s true judgement of character is done. And lying does anything but help you keep those precious people around you.

Fights, conflicts and mistakes are an integral part of all relationships and until you don’t have some ups and downs in a relationship, they won’t even make sense. So enjoy these relationships the way they are and try making them better. Covering it up by lying might look good at the moment but in the long run, it will affect your relationship in such a way that you won’t be able to recover from the blow.

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