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The Harsh Reality About Floor Cleaners

Moms have the toughest task of all. They have to manage everything, from morning to evening, you might get support from your loved ones but it's not an easy task. When a kid is underway, you become more stressed and make sure everything is ok for the unborn baby. That concern and care grow tenfold when the baby enters the world. You make sure everything is ok for them, starting from baby-proofing the apartment to making sure whatever the baby eats is good for him. That's the sacred love any mom has for her loved ones.

Babies, you know, have a dynamic mind of exploring everywhere all around the house. They slowly start crawling, then try to balance on their feet and then finally achieving the task of walking on their own. Anyone would remember the prized moment when your lil one starts crawling and they would cherish it forever. You keep your home clean, by using chemical floor cleaners, so that they keep your home and your loved ones safe from germs and various harms. We know you wouldn’t even have the time to consider if these cleaning products are doing their task or not especially with your busy schedule. Let us enlighten you with some of the shocking facts about what the floor cleaners you use at home contain and what they are capable of doing and how to save you from them…

1. Ammonia

A major ingredient in your house cleaning products, it's mostly used in floor cleaners. The major problem with ammonia is that, if when exposed leads to skin irritation, and breathing difficulties. Just imagine your lil ones, playing on the floor and putting toys in their mouth, they get exposed to it and chronic exposure leads to asthma and death in rare cases.


2. Phosphates and its compounds

It's a sad thing to inform you this but the cleaners usually contain a high amount of phosphates and when kids play on the floor, they are exposed to these toxins and that leads to bronchitis, cough, and difficulty in breathing. Try to go natural instead of using these chemicals.

3. Chlorides

The thing about chlorine and its various compound is that it can combine with water easily and they are mostly used in bleaching powders. If at all, when used and it is concentrated in nature, leads to chest pain, muscle weakness, dizziness etc. Please avoid them for the safety of your children.

4. Alkylphenol ethoxylates

These are few chemicals present in almost all cleaners. This chemical is harmful not only for the babies but also pregnant moms. They affect your body’s natural process and leads to miscarriages. If chronic exposure to this chemical, it leads to cancer too. Isn’t it shocking?

5. DEG Monobutyl ethers

This chemical is extensively used for cleaning bathroom floors and tubs. This one, if inhaled while cleaning leads to lung irritation and causes inflammation in the lungs. Kids love playing with water, especially in their tubs, and if these chemicals are inhaled might harm your loved ones.

Don't panic!! We know you are in confusion on what to do?/ what to trust? Which floor cleaner to buy?Your kid's safety is important for us. So here is a simple way where you can avoid all these chemicals and start preparing organic cleaner at home using bleach, baking powder etc. You want a simpler solution, get our completely organic natural floor cleaner. You want to know what is this cleaner?? We from Tinystep have developed and designed an all-new “Tinystep Floor Cleaner” with keeping you moms in mind. It kills all the germs present in your home and also removes toxins present in your homes. Its a pocket-friendly, go green product which when used leaves a refreshing smell after use. Go buy one and keep your family safe. A safe family is a happy family. Click here to order it right away!

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